From Genesis to peace, in art

The diversity and creativity of two emerging artists is seen for the first time between Wednesday, 6 April and Tuesday, 3 May.

The Genesis exhibition at Full of Beans has its opening night from 5.30-7.30pm, when Betty Lou Hendrickson and Karen M. Coles will be chatting with attendees about their work, which is being jointly exhibited.

Karen tells Weekender that she is inspired by colour and shapes and the play of light upon certain objects and the challenge of creating a likeness, while Betty Lou is inspired by images and colours that bring wholeness and balance to the mind, body and soul through her creative consciousness. Inspiration for painting truly began during a workshop on learning to draw the Mandala. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means centre, healing and/or wholeness.

“We decided on the name Genesis as we see our art both as a creation and new beginnings for both of us,” explains Karen, who has been with International Realty Group for the last 12 years but went part-time in 2009 to devote more time to painting, photography and her three granddaughters.

Retired nurse Betty Lou, meanwhile, attained a Master of Arts degree in Christian Spirituality and Liturgy, followed by a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2009.

“We both attend art classes at The Watler House at Pedro St. James through the Visual Arts Society under the instruction of Avril Ward, who has inspired, encouraged, and pushed us to the place where we are today,” the pair tells Weekender.

Wonderful gift

Betty Lou considers creativity a wonderful gift.

“Painting is just one way I am able to express myself. When I’m working on a painting I often find myself moving into a state of inner peace. It is my wish that the viewers will also experience this gift from the heart,” she says.

Karen says her art has developed from her first classes on-island 18 years ago.

“I was fascinated by being able to look at an object and put it down on paper so that it resembled the item. Over the years I have tried watercolour classes both here and in England together with trying out pastel crayons, which I loved for their brightness of colour.

“However, it was only about two years ago when the Visual Arts Society held a workshop in acrylics with particular reference to abstract painting, run by Leonie Brown, that I finally found a medium that I loved, it was so forgiving which enabled me to be bolder with my art and not worry if I made a mistake as it could be rectified later, unlike watercolour!”