Cayman’s seniors reflect

Dorothy Welcome

Dorothy Welcome may be 90 years of age but that does not stop her from remembering the old days.

Born in 1917 in the District of East End, Ms Welcome married the late Ronald Welcome. With him she had three children, two boys and one girl. “There is not much I can do these days, but I have done a lot in my time,” she said.

Because there was not much work to do in Cayman in that time, she spent time cleaning the home, twisting rope and looking after her children.

She is a member of the East End Seventh Day Adventist Church although she does not get there very often these days.

Percival Jackson

85-year-old Percival Jackson is one Caymanian who has the history and culture of these Islands at heart.

Born in the district of East End in 1922 to parents Herbert and Lydia Jackson, Mr. Jackson has published two books on Cayman, Up from the deep, The beginnings of the Cayman Islands and Smoke Pot Days.In addition he has written two manuscripts, The Settlers and Down by the Sea.

Mr. Wil, known by others islandwide, was presented the certificate of honour, named outstanding Caymanian of the year, presented the Custos Edmund Parson Fellowship Award, an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, a member of the Commonwealth and Judges Association, a founding member of the Water Authority, Justice of the Peace and received the Order British Empire.

Mr. Jackson also served as a Homeguard in her Majesty’s Service in Cayman.

He was a policeman, seaman and store owner, floor manager for Merren’s, historian and insurance salesman.

He has given 33 years of service to the East End Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Mr. Jackson, who is married to Sybil Harris Jackson, has one daughter by his late wife Trilby.

Today Mr. Jackson and his wife Sybil, who have travelled to many countries, enjoy reading, spending time together, going to church and relaxing on their front porch in East End.