Tell what you know

Although they aren’t completely happy with the way everything has been handled since her 27 January disappearance, Anna Evans’ family members have been very grateful for the public support received and for individuals who are offering up their own money for reward funds seeking information leading to her whereabouts.

But reward money isn’t going to, in and of itself, solve anything.

In order to find out what happened to Anna, someone or some people are going to have to come forward to tell what they know. At least one person must know what occurred.

This is not making the assumption – as many have – that something untoward must have happened to the 37-year-old public servant. But we’re willing to bet good money at this stage that the mother of five didn’t take a two-month trip to Miami. As George Town MLA Alden McLaughlin said in our front page article this Sunday: “We have to come to the realisation that we don’t know what happened to Anna, but we know something bad happened to Anna.”

Generally speaking, this code of silence in Cayman continues to baffle many of us, including the police who are charged with investigating crime. On one hand, we have a public that demands to know why officers “can’t solve any crimes”, while at the same time refusing to say anything at all that might help them in the course of their duties.

If what happened to Anna Evans was an accident, then someone still must have seen something and should come forward. Her children may never be able to put this behind them in any case, but they certainly will not be able to do so without knowing what happened to their mom.

Cayman Crime Stoppers has also taken some heat in recent weeks for not offering up its own reward in this case, due to the lack of any evidence that a crime has occurred.

But just because Crime Stoppers isn’t offering a reward doesn’t mean someone can’t call the toll free number 800-8477 (TIPS) or the special RCIPS line (526-0911) set up to handle this case. They’ll still take the calls and pass on the information they receive. Frankly, blaming Crime Stoppers for the lack of results in this missing persons case is unfair.

Someone knows something about what happened to Anna Evans. It is their job to come forward and tell what they know