Nail gun shooting report called bogus

An Internet message requesting help
for the family of a toddler who shot himself in the chest with a nail gun has
recently been circulating among the Cayman Islands’ Facebook community.

But according to emergency
officials, this incident did not happen in the Cayman Islands and is apparently
a bogus report.

A number of similar messages began
circulating on social media in the United States last summer. The first known
message was dated 4 August, 2010.

A number of variations have
appeared since.

reads. “PLEASE RE-POST!! Kayla Scott’s 22-month-old son shot himself in the
chest with a Brad Nailer, it went in his heart, he is now in critical condition
and now doing well.”

Other messages have the mother’s
name listed as Kayala Scott, Cheryl Dewitt, Janet James and Terri Mackzo, among

Media sources in the US have not
been able to confirm where any such incident happened in the States within the
past year, but nothing similar to the incident has happened in the Cayman
Islands, authorities confirmed this week.