Doping tests step up

The Cayman Islands Olympic Association is busy preparing for another hectic schedule of tournaments this summer culminating in the London Olympics in July of next year.

The chef de mission for the upcoming Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico in October will be Bruce Blake.

He will attend the chef de mission seminar in Guadalajara this month and on his return will work with the Olympic Committee to make all necessary arrangements for the team members for the Games.

Olympic Solidarity has approved funding for a sports administration course to be held in the Cayman Islands in June. Olympic Committee president Donald McLean attended a meeting in Vera Cruz, Mexico which was to propose a number of people from the Caribbean for election of officers for Central American and Caribbean Sports Organisation Solidarity Funding. A presentation was also made for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 bid.

Cydonie Mothersill attended the World Anti-Doping Association athlete commission meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland last month. This is the first time that a Caribbean athlete has been a member of this commission so it is a great honour.

A National Medical and Anti-Doping Commission has been formed in the Cayman Islands consisting of Doctors Ruthlyn Pomares, Verley Campbell and Sidney Ebanks as well as Donald McLean, Joel Francis from the Ministry of Sports and local lawyer Phillip Ebanks.

The inaugural meeting took place on 29 March. Information from the commission will be forthcoming to the national sports federations.

The focus of the commission will be to educate in schools and to the federations and their member athletes and testing in and out of competition will be introduced.

The introduction of this anti-doping body is to ensure that the Cayman Islands is fully compliant with all WADO regulations. Doping tests were carried out on athletes at the recent Caribbean power lifting championships, held at King’s Sports Centre.

McLean is already a member of the Regional Anti-doping Organisation.