On the record with Wayneroy

Wayneroy is a local musician whose styles/genres cover R&B, pop and soul.

Weekender recently asked him some topical questions, outlined here.

Short discography

Soulful, smooth and sexy, but don’t be fooled by his baby face, Wayneroy’s music is mature and genuine. He sings from the heart and expresses love, heartbreak, infatuation and upliftment in his debut album Older Than I Look.

Wayneroy produced his first record at age 14. He’s written and produced numerous songs since that time, including Haiti Keep the Faith, which was a benefit song done by some of Cayman’s top artists for the earthquake that ravished Haiti in 2010 – you can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoG9LXH_Me8.

He has performed at the Cayman Islands Jazz Fest three times. He wrote and produced over 70 songs for his debut album, which was originally set to be released last September.

The 13-track LP was written entirely by Wayneroy with every song being a life experience and is set for release on 14 April.

Greatest moment

“I would have to say at age 12 performing in front of an audience of 30,000. Being that young you’re fearless and public opinion is of no importance. That all changes when you get older.”

Worst on-stage moment

“I can’t recall having a really bad moment on stage that I’d say really stands out. There have been times that I’ve forgotten words or felt my performance wasn’t my best, but it’s all a learning process. It just means work harder next time and make every performance better than your last.”

Fantasy collaboration

“Ha, that’s a good question…I would love to work with everybody possible, but if I had to pick one I’d have to say Rhianna…can’t imagine that Chris would like that very much!”

Musical inspirations

“This could be a long list. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music from gospel to classical. My inspirations, though, I’d have to say would be artists like Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men and of course the late, great Michael Jackson.”

Thoughts on current state of music

“Personally I think the commercial side of today’s music is rubbish. The songs on radio are mainly for entertainment. There’s nothing in today’s commercial music with substance, something that you can take from the song to say you’ve learned a valuable lesson from. For example, I’m thinking of songs that I grew up on that taught us young men at the time how to love and how to treat a woman, how to compliment them and treat them like queens. Music today has lost that essence and has become about how much money you can spend. There are very few artists in the industry today that stay true to who they are, and in most cases these are the artists that are kept on the back burner of the industry. Bottom line is that the current state of music is all about what makes the labels money as opposed to real talent and what is relevant to life.”

Your instrument

“Apple Sparkle Yamaha Maple Custom drums. I drove from Miami to Orlando with a band member to purchase it. I walked into the store and knew first off it was the one I wanted. I took every piece of it on the plane with me…I refused to ship them by cargo.”

Tell us a secret

“Young Again is not just the name of the album release party, it’s also the name of a single on the album. The secret will be revealed when you buy the album and listen to track number 4.”

How do cars work?

“LOL, usually you put the keys in the ignition, start it up, put it in drive and go.”

What’s a good cure for a cold?

“My mom’s chicken soup and some rest – and if that doesn’t work, Buckleys. It will probably make you speak a different language after you taste it, but it works.”

Favourite thing

“Music. Whether I’m producing, performing or just listening, it’s the only time I feel at peace.”

Three things you could not live without?

“My Blackberry (don’t know what I was doing before it), Caymanian food (whenever I’m away that’s the one thing I can’t wait to come back home for) and love (might sound clichéd, but I believe a life without love is no life at all).”

Worst holiday ever

“I haven’t had one of these yet…they’ve all been pretty good.”

Where can we see you play?

“April 16th at the Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa…oh and everyone gets a free copy of my album.”

Upcoming releases

“My debut album Older Than I Look releases April 14th. The New single Young Again releases April 20th.”

Wayneroy asks Weekender: What do you think of the remake of We are the World?

Weekender says: We bought it for a great cause… but didn’t listen to it.

Email Wayneroy at [email protected] or on Facebook or log on to www.wayneroymusic.com or www.solstarmusiq.com