Netball seeks show sponsors

The Cayman Islands Netball Association needs help and in return, it is offering the opportunity to see the internationally acclaimed Stella Maris Dance Ensemble preform in the Cayman Islands.

Proceeds from the show will go toward administrators and managers’ training and for the team to play overseas over a four-year period, organisers said.

According to Netball Association President Lucille Seymour, the Association is seeking sponsorship assistance to help pay for airfare and accommodations so that the 26-member dance ensemble can put on the fundraiser here.

“The ensemble’s artistic director, Monika Lawrence, being aware of the financial challenges the association, is offering the ensemble’s time and services free of charge, a contribution which we regard as very altruistic as it reduces the event’s overhead costs and will, therefore, result in a greater level of profit from the fundraiser,” said Ms Seymour.

The members of the ensemble need to arrive in Cayman by 25 May and depart 30 May, she said.

“Your assistance in making their stay possible would be most appreciated, since the Association is fully aware that the continued survival of this important sport depends on the support of partners, businesses and the community,” she said.

“Netball has built a strong sporting heritage in the Cayman Islands, one which encourages women and girls in the sport to live a healthy lifestyle and to become balanced citizens who are able to make critical decisions quickly, both on and off the court.

“It has long been a part of our schools’ curriculum and, historically, our Association has worked closely with various governments to ensure that the Islands reap all the benefits of their involvement in the sport,” she said.

Power of the arts

According to Ms Lawrence, who is also a lecturer in cultural studies at the University College Cayman Islands, the ensemble will do more than put on a show in Cayman.

“The ensemble is also coming here in association with the University College Cayman Islands to build an awareness of the power of the arts and how far the arts can go in the Cayman Islands and to empower the children.

“To spread the power of the dance in the Caribbean, we will be having master classes at the college with primary to high school students,” she said.

Until 1993, she said, school netball was organised and funded by the Cayman Islands Netball Association. However, since then, an absence of adequate sponsorship has meant that the Netball Association has had to rely on the Government for a small grant to allow it to continue its training and other work.


The Stella Maris Ensemble’s performance will help raise money for Cayman netballers.
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