Guyton reels in best swordfish

It took awhile to get going but the 2011 Cayman Swordfish Challenge produced some solid catches.

The fishing tournament, which had been delayed since February due to bad weather, went off around the waters of Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac last weekend.

Ultimately 16 boats took part with 13 registered in Grand Cayman and three signed up in Cayman Brac. Four official catches were made with three being made in the Brac. Another catch took place outside the tournament time limit.

Thom Guyton would walk away with props and a healthy payout. He would captain his boat More Time to produce the heaviest and third heaviest catch as his swordfish weighed 62.2 and 51.6 pounds. For those catches he banked $7,000 as $5,000 came from the top fish and an extra $2,000 for third place.

Another fisherman who earned a cash prize was Gary Foster. The captain of Akuna Mattata hauled in a 56lb eight ounce swordfish that earned a cool $3,000.

Tournament organizer Clarence ‘King’ Flowers did more than oversee the event. His boat Arcturus also took part and thanks to mate Chet Ritch nabbed a 65lb 8oz fish. However it was disqualified.

Nevertheless Flowers states the event went well.

“There was lots of action and it was very successful,” Flowers said. “We even had a fish caught after the tournament closed. Curtis White pulled a fish in just after we signalled the end of fishing at 2am. In addition we had a lot of strikes, including a double header, as a lot of people hooked up with the swordfish.

“It was some good sword fishing out there. For 16 boats to be out and five fish caught in one night is rare. Mind you the swordfish aren’t out in dozens and it’s hard catching them. But a lot of guys were up for the challenge and I’m quite pleased with it. It compares well to last year when we had less boats but more catches.”


Three fish were caught in Cayman Brac. Back, Atlee Evans, Clarence Flowers, Chet Ritch, Dorson Wright, Dr. Arthur Moriano, Jack Hunter, Thom Guyton. Front, Patrick Weekley, David Lockhart.