award for Szucs

Local metal works artisan Karoly Szucs and his company Artisan Metal Works Ltd have won the prestigious bronze-art/sculpture award for outstanding craftsmanship presented by the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association for their work on a large, hand-crafted turtle.

Szucs received the award at a special banquet in New Orleans last month during the Association’s 53rd annual conference, which honoured some of the top metal craftsman in the world.

“I had to do something that represented not only the regional culture, but also the cutting-edge vision and services that Ogier provides,” Szucs says.

The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Awards Competition is an annual contest that recognises outstanding work in the ornamental and miscellaneous metals industry.

The event was open to more than 700 member firms throughout the US and in 12 other countries.

To win the award, entrants must submit photos and a description of their work, then the material is publicly displayed as Association member firms vote.

Winning a top job award is said to have special meaning because it represents the voice of approval from industry peers.

The metal turtle sculpture now sits in Ogier’s main boardroom. Total work topped 760 hours on the clock, plus another 250 hours put in by Szucs and his team for the project.

“Money was not the motivation, the challenge was the motivation,” he says. “I’d like to thank my partners and the whole team at Artisan Metal Works. I really couldn’t do it without them. Their support means the world to me.”