Notesmaster offers e-learning has begun digitising and
publishing instructional materials from the e-learning Jamaica Company Ltd.’s
item bank.

The technology is available for students
in the Cayman Islands,  and the materials
include tests, quizzes and exercises that have been made available under
Creative Commons Licenses.

All resources are free to use and
initially cover seven subjects: information technology, mathematics, biology,
geography, chemistry, English and social studies.

Under the guidance of the e-learning
Jamaica Company Ltd, teachers from schools around Jamaica have been submitting
practice multiple-choice tests and quizzes for students to take.

Notesmaster has been presenting these
materials in a variety of ways designed to engage students.

CSEC students in the Cayman Islands will
be able to access a variety of short multiple- choice exercises, as well as
longer, timed tests.

With materials available on Notesmaster,
more students will be able to practice and receive real-time feedback as all
answers are provided at the point of submission.

The e-learning exercises are stored on
Notesmaster in the appropriate areas of the syllabus and can be saved by
students to their own virtual desks.

By combining the work being done by
teachers and project coordinators at the e-learning Jamaica Company Ltd, with
the technologies available on Notesmaster, some of the issues surrounding
equity and access to quality online materials in the Caribbean are being
addressed, the company says.

The fact that a number of territories in
the English-speaking Caribbean follow the CSEC curriculum presents a unique
opportunity for knowledge sharing.

Notesmaster is a custom-designed, free
e-learning portal catering for the CAPE and CSEC curriculums.

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