Advanced Road Construction and Paving Ltd., or ARCP as it usually known, began operating five years ago and has steadily built its clientele and reputation.

Business manager Ken Lloyd, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as human resources, administration, financial activities and strategic planning, has been with ARCP since it was formed in late 2005 by Peter and Samuel Young. “We began setting up operations in April of 2006 and made and laid our first batch of hot mix aggregate in June of 2006,” Mr. Lloyd recalls.

Now, a lot of the paving and asphalt seen around Cayman can be attributed to ARCP, which has worked with the National Roads Authority, Camana Bay, the Ritz-Carlton, NCB Development, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority and the Water Authority.

Mr. Lloyd says most of ARCP’s projects are similar in scope and all have been done to a high industry-standard quality.

“The National Roads Authority paving specification is one of the highest standards, and as hot mix aggregate is a structural product, it must meet those specifications in order to fulfil its intended purpose. To that end, we maintain a lab and technician(s) skilled and certified to perform the required test to ensure quality and that our product meets the specification,” he says.

One of the biggest undertakings done by ARCP was part of the upgrading of the Owen Roberts International Airport in late 2007. The company was awarded a sub-contract through a major construction company to provide hot mix aggregate and pave the parking lot and the surrounding driveways for the airport. “What made this project the most challenging was the paving specifications were even higher than the National Roads Authority standard,” says Mr. Lloyd. “It was this project that required us to acquire a lab and have key employees certified in running the required tests. We were required to do numerous tests and frequent calibrations to our plant to ensure the specifications were met. 

“Hot mix aggregate… is designed with a specific application in mind, the raw aggregate and asphalt must have certain properties. The challenge, therefore, was to meet the “Airport Specification”, while having to make adjustments because of inconsistencies with the available raw material,” he says.  “I’m proud to say we rose to the challenge and ARCP delivered a word-class product,” he adds.

The company maintains a staff of just over 30 employees, including business and administrative staff, operations and project management staff, plant operations and maintenance staff, as well as 25 foremen, equipment operators and field crew. “Many of our staff have more than one skill set and we encourage them to understudy each other. This has allowed us to weather the current downturn in the local economy and keep our product reasonably priced,” the business manager says.

ARCP is one of only two companies in Cayman that produces hot mix asphalt. “When we first started in 2006, there was only one other, Island Paving, and they had been the island’s only producer for many years,” says Mr. Lloyd. “The market was more than accommodating for a second producer of hot mix aggregate, but challenging Island Paving requires ARCP to distinguish itself in all the key components of a superior product: namely quality, pricing and in these trying times, a willingness to work with our customers and offering creative financing,” he says.

The principal members of the company have extensive backgrounds and experience in civil works and engineering and the company offers a wide range of services, including the production of hot mix aggregate, paving, engineering design, project management and civil works. Until recently, the current government minister of health, environment, youth, sports and culture, Mark Scotland, who holds a civil engineering degree and spent seven years as head of the Roads Division (now National Roads Authority), was managing director of the company.

As well as Mr. Lloyd, the company’s other key personnel are Lachlan Dyett, the project manager, and Bruce Macmillan, the plant manager. “We consider ourselves in a unique position in the industry in that we possess the skills and capability to design and manage the implementation of most type of civil works,” says Mr. Lloyd.

Since the company started, it was completed more than 300 projects, including several major subdivision roads, large parking lots and trench reinstatement works.