Quality, luxury and value

What’s next? That is the question that any thriving company must continue to ask, never content to settle for past successes. Davenport Development Ltd., operated by Ken Thompson (of Island Taste), Ray Hydes (of Hydes and Sons), and Paul Pearson, is one of those driven companies.

Since 2007, Davenport has been able to complete and sell out the Valencia Heights complex on Crewe Road and Phases 1, 2, and 3 of Lantern Point, on Old Prospect Point Road.. Additionally, Phase 1 of the glorious development in South Sound called San Sebastian is almost complete.

So is it time to take a break and bask in the spotlight of success?

Absolutely not! The future is forever bright for this young company, and the partners are already developing two new projects.

First, Opus I and Opus II, has begun on Old Prospect Beach. These sleek, clean and ultra-modern beach homes have not been seen in Cayman and usually are found in South Beach or on the cover of Architectural Digest. With its emphasis on strong horizontal and vertical lines and functional use of glass, concrete, and steel, these homes embody modern simplicity in form. However, these stunning structures do not stint on luxury: Italian kitchens, home theatres, two-story windows, and an amazing private master terrace on the ocean with outdoor hot tub. Construction has already started and is expected to be completed by January 2012.

Second, Aria Villas, a development of six private family homes on Crystal Harbour, has received planning permission. These will be equally spectacular homes, are crafted for “boat” people. Each individually owned dwelling and property will have a private boat slip cut into their back yard. The design element is again that of South Beach, ultra modern and sleek, with the piËce de rÈsistance being rooftop infinity pools on each home, allowing owners to gaze out at the North Sound in luxurious relaxation.

When considering the work that Davenport Development Ltd. has completed on Grand Cayman, one is overwhelmed at the superior quality and volume of their endeavours. But the most astonishing aspect of this company is that the venture is only four years old. So how has Davenport Development been able to do so much is such a short space of time? According to Paul Pearson, managing director, “It’s all about going after the dream.” He explains that, after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan, he, Ray, and Ken had a vision for beautiful and reasonably priced homes for hard-working folk. “Why shouldn’t those with decent jobs and a little money put aside have a bit of affordable luxury?”

And so Davenport Development was born. The first purchase was a piece of high and dry land on Crew Road which has since been transformed into the extraordinary Valencia Heights, a 33-unit apartment complex designed to suit the glamour and extravagance on Seven Mile Beach but with first-time buyers and investors in mind. Word about this stunning gem spread quickly. “We could hardly keep track of all the interested buyers,” says Ken. “We had to turn many away because so many units were sold before we could advertise them officially.”

The buzz that was generated had much to do with the cooperative efforts between Davenport Development and Scotia Bank. Buyers who felt anxious about receiving approval for mortgages found those fears removed. Rays observes, “People who had been turned away so often before found a welcoming reception at Scotia, and Davenport is proud to have made many dreams come true.”

Not content to rest on their laurels and driven by the compliments from buyers, Davenport launched the Lantern Point development on Old Prospect Point. This European-styled condominium development, located across from the beautiful Caribbean Sea, is a stand-out with its massive wrought iron lanterns and tropical vegetation. The 24 units of Phase 1 and the 32 units of Phase 2 were sold so quickly, the adjacent land was bought to add the addition of Phase 3. Now completed, Lantern Point boasts three pools, lush garden areas, elegant balustrades, Spanish tile roofing, and its classic lanterns.

“Designing the property has not been easy, but we have vowed never to sacrifice quality,” Paul comments. Apartments are fitted with generous storage, high ceilings, top-quality appliances, and custom cabinetry. “People cannot believe that they can have so much quality for such reasonable prices,” Ken says.

But fine touches do not mean that the company skimped on construction. All Davenport developments are built with the Cayman weather in mind. Ray says that “Our developments are constructed from ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) blocks from Flowers. These are compressed foam blocks with six inches of poured industrial grade concrete, reinforced with steel re-bar vertically and horizontally. ICF is an extremely strong product and the strongest hurricane protection on this island. Ken is quick to point out that “ICF also makes the apartments very energy efficient, leading to lower monthly CUC bills.” Who could ask for more?
Davenport Development seems to have put together an impossible package: convenient locations, solid and sensible construction, classic and unique designs, and affordable luxury. Their new projects, Opus I and II and Aria Villas, promise to be even more spectacular. The two sleek chic abodes bring 5,934 square feet of glamour to one of Cayman’s most established and prestigious neighbourhoods.

Architect Robert Towell, founder and principal chartered architect of Cayman-based Robert Towell Architect, say Opus 1and II will “ignite, intrigue and delight the senses”.

“The desired effect is to achieve a clean and crisp structure that appears simplistic and natural as possible to suit the surrounding environment.”

Set on the natural, reef protected beach ridge of Old Prospect on Grand Cayman’s breathtaking south coast, the properties answer demand for a sophisticated, sexy South Beach vibe, balanced with all the comforts of a family beach home.

Spanning four storeys, the residences boldly throw down the gauntlet on design ingenuity, celebrating geometric purity with their show-stopping black and white rectilinear faÁades and walls of glass. From outside, corner and punched window openings, cantilevered overhangs, jutting window eyebrows and an intersecting aluminium and glass canopy protecting the oversized teak front door from the elements, provide a sculptural quality with the interplay of light and shade combining with cable railed balconies to create relief.
“The design strategy involves volumes, intersections, penetrations, straight lines with mixed material use to provide a unique professional artistic work of art,” says Towell.

A water wall at the raised ground floor entryway introduces an elemental motif, a tantalising taste of things to come, while lush tropical landscaping anchors the design in place. Characterised by clean lines and modern styling, the full drama of the streamlined, open plan interior presents a striking visual coup d’Ètat.

Marazzy Italian porcelain floor tiles in charcoal and sheer walls of purest white set a tone of sleek sophistication rounded out by the drama of the La Strada-esque kitchen, with its upscale stainless steel finishings and cosmopolitan cool. Adding subtle definition to the layout, elegant lighting and tray ceiling detail create interior ‘living modules,’ maximising the spatial openness and expansive sea views. A spiral staircase winds up to a mezzanine level overlooking the

living room to deliver a separate and intriguing new dimension to the scheme. Complete with integrated appliances and fine quartz-stone countertops, the look is one of refined elegance and unfettered luxury.
Double volume ceilings stretch skyward as living areas are suffused in natural light flooding in through impact-rated wall-to-wall Eurotech windows–triple glazed for insulation and safety. Framing views of extraordinary aquamarine, the brilliance of these vast, ever-changing natural canvases infuses spaces with colour and vitality and fortifies the bond between outside and in. As well as 130 feet of pristine beach front, each residence has its own L-shaped pool lined, cleverly designed to accommodate a quick dip or more invigorating laps.

Lit as if by heaven by a skylight in the stair tower, a wraparound tempered glass stairway with stainless steel nautical handrails climbs a dramatic forty feet to upstairs en suite bedrooms on the second floor and up again to the stunning third storey oceanfront master suite, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and its own sun deck complete with private hot tub.

Electronic retractable awnings generate shade and romance, while inside wooden ceilings add warmth and intimacy. Allowing you to bathe in the splendour of the setting, the master bathroom boasts spectacular sea views through floor to ceiling glass walls on two sides.

Undeniably hip and style-conscious, Opus I and II bring their own innovative brand of smart luxury to the Caribbean architectural scene. Driven as they are by modern minimalist design principles, each building component works in harmony to form a magnum opus unto itself; an intricate puzzle, bold in proportion and bodacious in design to signal a new era in beachfront living.

Ray, Ken, and Paul have worked hard to ensure that buyers get all that they expect and a whole lot more when they choose a property by Davenport Development ltd. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

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W: www.davenportcayman.com