Editorial for April 20, 2011: Burning down the CI house

Just when it looked like Cayman’s robbery troubles were starting to lessen, the bottom fell out this weekend.

Not only was a hitchhiker robbed and assaulted after being picked up along West Bay Road, a man attending one of the Islands’ most popular night-time parties was stabbed in the back trying to retrieve his girlfriend’s purse from a robber.

Sometimes it only takes one incident to ruin a tourism destination, but after several attacks, thefts and robberies on local beaches this year – at what are generally considered completely safe locations – it is becoming quite clear: Someone or some group of people believe these beaches and the people who frequent them, tourists or locals, are easy targets.

And they are being targeted – targeted by people who could generously be described as idiots bent on burning down the house.

Here we suppose someone will start up the tiresome debate over whether the suspects in the recent cases are Caymanian, “paper” or born, or expatriate. Does it really matter in the end? They don’t care about this country, no matter what passport they possess.

But there are people, lots of people living here, who do care about Cayman.

It is time for those people to step forward and turn these thugs in. Even if it happens to be member of your family or a close friend, there is no use in protecting them.

If these robbers are allowed to continue what they are doing at the moment, they will destroy the economy of this country and that will affect all of us – including those who may have information on these crimes but withhold it.

There are other, longer-term measures needed to lessen these types of crimes, including the proper education and employment of Cayman’s young people. But those things will never happen if our local industries are made to fail by these insufferable cowards roaming our streets and beaches, taking what they please.


  1. I hope when these people are finally caught the RCIPS take a good look at their families and see whether a charge can be brought for conspiracy or aiding an offender.

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