Fosters Going Green

 Foster’s Food Fair IGA has always been committed to the community at large not just the people here but the environment, and ensuring we keep a safe and healthy environment for future generations.

In June 2010 a movement was formed and it was really a group effort to ensure it worked. BECOME campaign was formed to provide people with a greener alternative to the way they presently did things.
It was an effort that could have only been made possible if all parties were involved and Foster’s saw it as an opportune time to educate the community about the environment.

On June 9th 2010 all grocery stores began charging customers 5 cents per plastic bag to encourage them to start using reusable bags. At first the initiative was not well received by all, as people thought it was a way for us to increase our bottom line in these tough times. To strengthen our stand on being more environmentally friendly, Foster’s stated at the start of the BECOME campaign that all money received from the sale of plastic bags will be used for a green initiative that benefits the community.

The program has been working very well and the few complaints that happens ever so often in the stores have now ceased and people are more aware and remember to walk with their bags. Occasionally they have forgotten their reusable bags and have no issue purchasing the 2 or 3 plastic bags they need to carry their items.

As part of the campaign to increase awareness on the importance of “going green” and continuing on the path to improve the Cayman Islands, Foster’s Food Fair IGA your hometown proud grocery store has taken the first part of the funds ($10,000) and given it to Central Caribbean Marine Institute to help conduct and facilitate research, education, conservation, and outreach programs that will sustain marine diversity for future generations.

In another environmentally friendly initiative Foster’s Food Fair recently changed their serving plates to a more environmentally friendly container at all locations to steer away from placing so many Styrofoam containers in the landfill. These containers now degrade in 90 days which is much more environmentally friendly than the containers that were used previously.

On November 1st, 2010 Global Directories launched the “Yellow 2 Green” initiative which mainly serves to encourage the community to recycle their old telephone directories and keep over 60 tons of phonebooks out of the George Town landfill and instead turn them into insulation for homes.

Foster’s Food Fair IGA is a proud supporter of this cause and has partnered with global directories and became a hub for people to drop their old phone books. Drop bins were strategically set up in all locations for customers to drop their phonebooks.

Foster’s is always trying to make the public aware of the importance of this initiative and urge our staff to educate people on all the green initiatives that we are part of.

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