Making smart choices critical for Local Retailer

Any food retailer would welcome a reduction in store energy costs but for Woody Foster, it is particularly important.

That’s because Foster is managing director of Foster’s Supermarkets, and electricity in Grand Cayman costs the equivalent of more than 30 cents per kilowatt-hour – triple the average U.S. price.

Mr. Foster has made every effort in the company’s recent  expansions in West Bay and Savannah to integrate new energy saving technologies wherever possible. That was why he used the Butler Koreteck systems in  his new stores.

Foster acknowledged that the higher-insulation Koreteck building material is more expensive than conventional material.

“But this is faster to put up, because the insulation comes with the product, which is a cost saving; you don’t have to add it later. We’re very happy with the return on investment we got. Anything that allows us to pass savings on to our shoppers in this economy is a blessing” he added.

The building materials provide “better insulation” with “higher efficiency” in maintaining the constantly air-conditioned temperature inside the store, said Shayne Howe, managing director, Phoenix Construction, Grand Cayman, the Savannah store’s design consultant and contractor.

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