The 21st Century Client

If we slow down and take the time to look at the world through the eyes of our children, as Lisa and Darren Bowyer do, we see a world that desperately needs to generate a new respect for the planet, all its resources and most importantly, all its living things.

We are entering a time when green living must be embraced as a lifestyle, not a diet that one can get on and off at one’s convenience. We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways if we want to enjoy our 42” flat screen TV’s.

The Phoenix Group intends to lead the way in embracing this new lifestyle, promoting smaller more cost-efficient homes, all forms of solar design, energy efficient technology and the intelligent preservation and harvesting of our natural resources.  We are dedicated to more environmentally conscious construction and site specific architecture; we want our clients to live in healthy, integrated, beautiful and comfortable surroundings.

From integrated native home gardens to geothermal cooling – you (and your kids!) decide what is important.
It is our job to listen.

Tami Scott
Chief Architect, Icon Architecture
A member of The Phoenix Group
[email protected]

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