Industry Compliance and Cost Savings from Logic

Logic is currently completing Phase 2 of their island wide Fibre Optic infrastructure rollout. The project offers customers resilient high speed communications delivered on a secure Fibre cable platform. Phase 1, connecting Camana Bay and premier business / condominium complexes along West Bay Road, was completed in 2009. The current phase delivers Fibre services into George Town.

In line with their network strategy, Logic have installed their own ducts to ensure total separacy from other service providers. For businesses in our high profile Financial Services industry, where strict guidelines regarding network diversity often exist, Logics’ investment means that high speed, compliant solutions are available for the very first time in Cayman.

Fibre gives customers fast, low latency connectivity here on island but also to overseas locations using Logic ‘GlobalConnect’ MPLS, IPLC and High Speed Internet services. Logics’ Utility Computing solutions, where access to IT infrastructure is on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, also make this a great time to get in touch with their Business Sales team at 743 4343.

Further phases of the project will take the benefits of Fibre technology to residential areas of Grand Cayman.

Logic has also introduced ‘ChatterBox’, a ground breaking new service which lets businesses make all their international calls for one low, monthly all inclusive price.

ChatterBox handsets plug into any high speed internet connection meaning that customers also save on the cost of traditional phone lines. In Cayman, all international calls to a range of popular destinations, are included in Logics’ Global ‘Chatter Plan’. But a handset can also be taken overseas where, once plugged into the internet (for example in a hotel room), it works as if it was still on the island. So for anyone trying to contact home or the office from overseas, calls back to Cayman can be made for just 2½ c
per minute, the cost of a local call, whilst avoiding expensive roaming charges.

Additional business friendly features include ChatterBox International Numbers, which allow clients overseas to call you in Cayman on a UK, US or Canadian number, at their local call rates. A range of Geographic numbers is available, covering over 50 countries making it easier for your overseas clients to do business with you.

ChatterBox has been developed specifically for Cayman Islands small businesses who make and receive a high volume of international calls. The service is also the most cost effective way for business associates spending extended periods away from Cayman to keep in touch.

Enjoying the benefits of ChatterBox couldn’t be easier. Contact the ChatterBox team today at 743 0062 or by email to ‘[email protected]’ for further details. Alternatively, go to
‘’ to find out more and sign up for service online.

Chatterbox from Logic puts cash back in your pocket.
All your International Calls for just CI$39.95 per month!
Free Extension to Extension calling!
Calls to Cayman from Overseas for just 2½ cents per minute!
ChatterBox is a fully featured small business phone system. Enjoy 3
digit dialing between up to 5 handsets…and because handsets work over
ANY high speed Internet connection, phones can be located anywhere in
the World. So if you’re travelling on business, take a handset with you
and call back to the office for FREE!
But here’s the really clever bit. For one low monthly charge of just
CI$39.95, all your calls…to the US, Canada and Europe…are covered.
Yes, that’s right. CI$39.95 and not another cent to pay!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your ‘bottom line’
start chatting today. Sign up online at or, if
you have questions, send an email to [email protected] or call us at
743 0062.