LIME: Leading the way through innovation

Technology evolves faster every day, particularly in the world of telecommunications. In order to remain industry leaders, LIME must stay abreast of the changes taking place globally and continually enhance the experience their customers receive.

Mobile phones

With the explosion of smartphones in recent years, the fastest area of growth in the industry is certainly mobile phones and their data usage capabilities. People no longer use their phone just to make calls and send text messages, they now use instant messenger, Facebook, Twitter and browse the internet.  For the business user, keeping in touch whilst out of the office or travelling, is no longer an option but a must. To this end LIME keeps a watchful eye on emerging trends and constantly updates the range of mobile devices on offer. Having seen Google’s Android operating system become the top selling smartphone platform worldwide, LIME are offering their customers access to a selection of Android phones. It is not yet clear whether Android will outpace Blackberry smartphones, which currently dominate the market in the Cayman Islands, but LIME wants to give their customers the choice, explains Anthony Ritch, General Manager, LIME Cayman Islands.

Customer focus
With the wide range of options and proliferation of smartphones LIME realises that it can become overwhelming. Customers need to be educated on what options exist, whether the device will suit their lifestyle plus how to get the most out of their chosen device. LIME regularly holds seminars to introduce new products, as well as tips and tricks sessions for BlackBerry users.  Staff are constantly updated on the latest devices and in some cases travel overseas for training on specific phones and to get exposure on the latest devices. Plus LIME are about to launch a product library for all staff so that at the touch of their finger tips they will be able to answer customer questions on products that they sell.

LIME’s flagship stores in Anderson Square and Galleria Plaza have both recently undergone refurbishments to create more inviting, user-friendly spaces for customers. LIME is also now franchising its stores- the first of which is in Savannah’s Countryside Shopping Village and just recently launched a new LIME store in Heritage Square West Bay – giving customers easier access to more locations where they can sign up for services, such as mobile and Internet, purchase mobile phones and accessories, pick up a computer and pay bills.

Local number portability will make it easier to choose

In a further bid to make life easier for the customer, LIME is leading the way in instituting Local Number Portability, which gives the public the ability to switch providers while still keeping their original phone number. While it means that it will no longer be obvious whether you are calling a LIME number or that of another provider, it means customers will have the freedom of choice for their telecommunications provider without it inconveniencing them by having to issue a new number. Watch for launch details in the local media.

Faster and faster

In terms of mobile data usage, LIME Cayman Islands currently operates on a 2G network. In Jamaica 3G technology is offered by LIME, enabling faster transfer of data to and from mobile devices. LIME is looking to introduce new mobile technology to the Cayman Islands in the near future so that customers can get more from their mobile phones.

LIME still offers the most robust network for internet access and being a truly national provider, ensures this service is just as available to businesses in downtown George Town as it is to residents in the Sister Islands.

“Consumers have an insatiable appetite for bandwidth,” explains Mr Ritch, “and the more they are given, the more they want. Now people want video calling, they want to watch TV in real time and to download music and movies faster than they can play them.  LIME currently offers a top speed of 8Mb per second but, it does not stop there, and LIME customers can rest assured that within the next few months they will be seeing faster internet speeds.”

In the pipeline – LIME TV

An additional and cutting edge venture LIME is looking into across the Caribbean is LIME TV. If TV programming were to be transmitted to houses via the internet access medium, there would be no need for radio antennas or satellite dishes. Just one convenient phone line, bringing the world into each home.
Services for businesses

As hurricane season approaches once again, businesses large and small can safeguard their data in the event of a catastrophe, by using the Leased Space programme offered by LIME. The programme offers a co-location hosting service, where business customers can store their data in an off-site location. LIME’s headquarters at One Technology Square, Eastern Avenue is the ideal location for such a service as the building is hurricane rated in terms of overall structure, has a back-up power supply and is the communications hub for the whole island.

Every innovation and new project reflects LIME’s commitment to staying on top of technological developments and responding to customer demands in every area of its operations, ensuring it remains the leader in the telecommunications industry throughout the Caribbean region.

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