Water Authority donation

The Water Authority board recently approved a donation of $1,000 to help support the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme in the Cayman Islands.

The board members commended the dedication and hard work that the mentors contribute to the children and families of the community.

Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden, one of the board members, said, “Coming from a family of 10 children, with eight girls and two boys, we understood and continue to understand and appreciate the importance of an older brother or sister in the house. Day by day I relish and have grown to appreciate better the roles they have played in my life and I still remain grateful to have them.

“On behalf of the staff and the board of directors we are extremely honoured to make this presentation to an organisation that is very dear and appreciated by all, and we wish the organisation the very best with all it’s endeavours.”

Marilyn Conolly, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, said, “BBBS appreciates the foresight and generosity of donors like the Water Authority who see the benefit of mentoring to positively impact the lives of children in the 
Cayman Islands.”