Enthusiasts rock a new groove

Most car enthusiasts in Cayman are
into showing off and racing their vehicles. A growing number are turning their
rides into rolling boom boxes and making sport out of how loud they can be.

To that end there is now a local
group called the Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association. Basically the entity is
there to organize and regulate events that measure sounds emitted by cars with
the purpose being to award the loudest one. As a side goal it supports local
motorsports and is a form of outreach to young people.

Interestingly the association has
been in existence for a few months. It held two trial events late last year to
gauge community support. The first was held on 30 October at Seven Mile Shops
and was called Sound Off Volume one. The second was on 18 December at
Governor’s Square. Both gatherings had a decent turnout with the array of sound
systems being quite impressive.

One of the members of the
association is Brandon Powery. A West Bay native, Powery spoke about the
reasoning for the group.

“The association was formed in
January 2011,” Powery said. “We are here to support all associations and
aspects of the automotive scene in the Cayman Islands though we mostly focus on
the car audio scene. We want to keep the youth busy and out of trouble and this
is one way a lot of young people can have something to do instead of being

“We are a small association but
growing currently with 13 members. We have a code of conduct set which all
members must agree to follow. We have had over five events from which attendance
has grown and competitors have increased from three to twenty.”

News of the association marks the
second motorsports-related group to form this year. Recently the Cayman Islands
Drag Racing Association, spearheaded by local racer Sammy Jackson, came on
board and hosted a local drag meet entitled Cayman’s Fastest. That race took
place at Breakers Speedway and was dominated by Billy Ebanks’ Dodge Daytona
which ran an estimate time of 5.700 seconds.

Powery, who is in his early 20s,
started out as a car fan who had a passing interest in autocross and drag
racing. From there he turned towards car audio and now has a Honda Accord
fitted with a custom sound system. As he states the car emits over 100

“To date, the association has three
teams listed. There are the frontrunners Disturbing The Peace which currently
holds the highest decibel reading to date at 144db. Dark Time Movements have
the second loudest reading at 142db and personally my highest is 128db. Then
there is Wes Tec Performance with its highest reading being 128db.”

The group holds its
next event this Saturday 30 April. The A.L. Thompson’s parking lot in George
Town will be the site of a gathering from 6pm until 10pm. Titled Got Bass, the
event centres on a sound pressure level competition with other features
including a loudest exhaust contest and refreshments on sale.