Proper tribute paid to Mr. Scott

A wonderful tribute was paid to a great man on Cayman Brac last week. The Cayman Brac High School was renamed the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School. It was a fi tting tribute to a man who loved children and teaching.

Unfortunately, Mr. Scott was not there to receive the accolades. He passed away on Christmas Day last year.

Mr. Scott was a native Bracker who received his formal education in Jamaica and Wales. But the Brac remained in his heart and he returned there in 1956 to become headmaster of West End Primary School where he served for nine years before taking his talents to Canada. When a new high school opened on the Brac in 1967 he returned home to his native Cayman Brac. There he took charge as principal with 73 students and four staff members. At Mr. Scott’s direction, O levels exams were introduced on Cayman Brac, which meant students no longer had to travel to Grand Cayman to sit exams.

Mr. Scott was extremely instrumental to education, not only on Cayman Brac but for the entire country. After a brief holiday from education when he tried his hand at real estate and tourism, Mr. Scott took charge of the Department of Tourism’s Hotel Training school, as well as the Marine School and Building and Trade School – the forerunner of what is now the University College of the Cayman Islands.

His contribution to the advancement of all areas of education in the Cayman Islands – academic, technical and vocational – was later recognised by the board of governors of UCCI with the naming of its Vocational Studies Building as The Layman E Scott Block. And while Mr. Scott was all things education in the Cayman Islands, he acknowledged that parents played a vital role in encouraging their children to pay attention and do well in school, through their support and by setting an example. Many parents of today could take a lesson.

It is fitting that the ceremony renaming the Cayman Brac High School was held last Wednesday, Mr. Scott’s birthday.