Letters to the Editor: We need to find Anna

In this day and age when we can go to outer space and back, we cannot find a female government employee that was at her work station when she went missing.

I noticed the very sloppy way her search was conducted. When she went missing, our police stated in their report to the public that Anna would leave the dump sometimes but on that day, Anna never left the dump.

This is what I heard on the radio.

Now if this is so, where is Anna at the dump? Now let us all take a good look at Anna and her work at the dump. Did she have someone that wanted to do her harm that worked at the dump? The Marl Road is lit up with all kinds of rumours about Anna, but the people of this Island needs to know the truth. A Caymanian woman and mother of three children is lost on our Island and very, very little is really being done to find her. Do we perhaps have some kind of a crazy woman killer here on Cayman? I am pressing for answers. What happened to Anna could happen to you.

I am asking the police, the customs, the immigration and all members of government and all the rest of the people on Cayman to not write off Anna so quickly.

We must really do a national search. We must really search Cayman town to town. All of you rich people that are here enjoying our Island, if you cannot search, donate some of your employees and your money. I noticed only $2,000 was put up for her reward. I have seen rewards posted here in Cayman for the safe return of a lost dog, which was $2,500. What a shame on all of us Caymanians. We spend more money at one nightclub each Friday night that surpasses the reward that was posted for little harmless Anna.

Government, you are not doing enough. For the present members together should have raised a lot more than $2,000. Donate some of that money the people are paying you to help boost the reward and we are asking for anyone out there that may be afraid to come forward that may know something about Anna; if you are perhaps afraid to contact the police, please call me at 928-0560. This woman worked at a job most women would not do. But our Island has gotten so bad that instead of our nice Caymanian women working in a nice job getting good pay, they have to work at such nasty places as the dump. Our nice women should, with the help of Government, be trained to do nice jobs that can uplift their lives.

We see Government train outside women for job placement. Why they cannot train our own women and get them out of the danger they work in at such places as the dump.

We are letting down our fore parents. Our people worked hard, but in these times we do not seem to have respect for our women. They deserve better.

I am asking the Government of the Cayman Islands to remove all females working in any position at the dump and place them in another position in Government that pays well and that is not a job that they find their health in danger. Replace female workers with men. We as a Caymanian people should not have women working at the dump in the first place. When the outside world looks at Cayman they used to say ‘safe, beautiful and friendly’. I wonder what they are really saying now. Anything happens here, the rest of the world knows about it.

Please do not give up the search for Anna.

And to all females on Cayman, demand better protection on your job if you are working at a job that entails danger. The question is now asked, How much value do we put on a female Caymanian’s life. It seems in this day and age very, very little. God have mercy on all of us on Cayman.

Let us all really try and find Anna.

Emile S. Levy