Monument dedicated to Christian heritage

The ground breaking ceremony of the new Christian Heritage Monument in George Town took place Thursday in conjunction with the 20th National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving.

The new monument will go up at the old Tower Building site behind the Legislative Assembly building.

The project was delivered under the direction of the National Planning Initiative.

Premiere McKeeva Bush spoke to crowd that included preachers from several of the churches in Grand Cayman.

“Much more can and will be done to celebrate and augment our national heritage,” he said.

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“Our children and grandchildren need to have more opportunity to benefit from our gifts as Caymanians.”

He added that the monument will represent Cayman’s Christian heritage and will show the pride Caymanians have in upholding Christian values, traditions 
and aspirations.

“This project on the whole will greatly enhance our capital and its benefits will be felt and appreciated by the whole community,” he said.

The Christian Heritage Monument will be a bell tower.

It is expected to be completed by Heroes Day 2012.

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  1. Is this really necessary, I don’t think so we have better things that we could be spending money on e.g education, training, something tangible. What good is a monument going to do, we need to stop telling ourselves and portraying these lies. Most of the world was forced into Christianity by the various churches and it is only a small part of who we are it does not define us as a nation.

  2. Personally, I think a public car park would have been an infinitely more useful way to develop this site. Cayman already has a world record number of churches, does it really need to use up even more valuable town-centre land proclaiming its christianity?

  3. I think a park is a great idea. Pubic areas of beauty and tranquillity are an important part of any town. It’s just a shame that they decided to go with this christian heritage theme. It would have been much better to have done something more inclusive of everybody. In my experience The Cayman Ministers’ Association rarely seem to be anything other than very narrow-minded in their views. Hopefully they won’t find a way to be upsetting over this.