Car lovers rock to a new beat

Cayman’s car enthusiast community is based primarily on racing and showing rides. However many people are also into pumping up the volume in their vehicles and testing the limits of sound.

This weekend sees a new event that displays rolling boom boxes and how loud they can be. Got Bass takes place this Saturday 30 April at the A.L. Thompson’s parking lot in George Town. The gathering is slated to be held from 6pm until 10pm and feature a sound pressure level competition with a loudest exhaust contest and refreshments will be on sale.

Saturday’s sound off is being hosted by the Cayman Auto Enthusiasts Association. A new group that started back in January, the entity’s goal is to organize and regulate events that measure sounds emitted by cars with the purpose being to award the loudest one. Its other mission is to support local motorsports and be a form of outreach to young people.

Association member Brandon Powery, who hails from West Bay, states the group is about promoting car audio lovers.

“We are here to support all associations and aspects of the automotive scene in the Cayman Islands though we mostly focus on the car audio scene,” Powery said. “We want to keep the youth busy and out of trouble and this is one way a lot of young people can have something to do instead of being idle.”

The group held two trial events last year to gauge community support. The first was held on 30 October at Seven Mile Shops and was called Sound Off Volume one. The second was on 18 December at Governor’s Square.

News of the association marks the second motorsports-related group to form this year. Recently the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association, spearheaded by local racer Sammy Jackson, came on board and hosted a local drag meet entitled Cayman’s Fastest.

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