Editorial for April 29: Big day finally here for Royals

It’s finally here.

The much anticipated and long awaited Royal Wedding.

Don your tiaras and your tux and tails and be a part of the grand regalia.

Many venues across Grand Cayman are hosting Royal Wedding parties and events with special menus and drinks on offer.

And Camana Bay is having an old fashioned British street party this afternoon with a viewing of the Royal Nuptials this evening.

While many are eager to ‘attend’ the Royal Wedding in Cayman, others are happy this day is finally here because, frankly, they’re tired of hearing all the hype leading up to today.

Indeed, the most recent caycompass.com online poll has a large segment of people saying they will do nothing today to mark the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

“I’d rather clip my toenails,” said one respondent. We say, ‘happy clipping!’

A few other respondents honestly replied that they’ll use this one-off holiday to get drunk. We say, ‘just please don’t drive’.

Our own Premier McKeeva Bush and wife Kerry will be a part of the invited audience at Westminster Abbey when the prince and soon-to-be princess say their I do’s.

And speaking of their vows, Kate won’t promise to obey Wills. That part of the traditional marriage vow for women has, apparently, become passé. She will, however, promise to love him, comfort him, honour and keep him, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others and keeping only unto him.

How very modern, yet still very sweet.

The Cayman Islands wishes the Royal Couple all the best on their special day and in their future lives together.

As for the Cayman Islands, we’ll have our own Royal Wedding in North Side when Thea Ebanks weds Cheny Rivas this afternoon on the beach.

Those of us invited to both nuptials – the one in London and the one near Rum Point – chose the latter to be with our own princess on her special day.


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