Premier, wife attend Royal Wedding

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    Premier McKeeva Bush and
    his wife Kerry attended the Royal Wedding in London on 29 April. Following are
    his comments emailed after the event:

    “This indeed was the
    wedding of the century! Very well organised without any hitches, of course. The
    wedding service itself was what I believe it should have been, the right hymns
    (with my favourite tunes) and prayers and scripture that takes humanity through

    It was a joy for me and
    Kerry to have been invited to be there, and to witness what I believe to be
    true love between two mature young people. Prince William’s personal prayer
    said it all!

    The Cayman Islands is
    indeed privileged to have been invited. As the Premier, I am indeed proud to
    have represented the Cayman Islands at such a royal, magnificent and memorable
    event. I thank Her Majesty and the Royal family; the foreign secretary, Mr. Hague;
    the FCO minister, Mr. Bellingam; and our Governor for remembering and ensuring
    that the Commonwealth, and especially their overseas territories, of which
    these Cayman Islands is an integral part, was invited to be present at this
    royal wedding. May the Good Lord bless Her Majesty the Queen and give the new
    couple a most happy and long, fruitful 
    life together.

    May they be an
    inspiration to all young married couples. It was truly England in all its

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