Student design competition launched

Gawk & Leer
initiated a design competition for high school students ages 15-18 in Grand
Cayman who are interested in or show talent in the area of design.

The contest was aimed at
furthering student education, experience and understanding of international
design in a commercial context.

of form and practicality of function were the themes behind the competition.
Students were asked to identify an item in their own home that they thought
could be redesigned to be improved upon.

school groups visited Gawk & Leer and participated in a short design
lecture and question-and-answer session.

competition culminated in the production of a single design by student teams
from each school, and it will be hung on display in Icoa for one month.

The designs and the
working portfolios were to be judged by three professionals on island and
prizes for first-, second- and third- place winners will be awarded at the
beginning of May.

While the designs remain
hypothetical, part of the competition criteria was that the designs and
proposed materials are credible.

For information, visit