GT Primary kids love their mums

Several students from George Town Primary School decided to show their love and affection for their mums this Mother’s Day by writing poetry.

The eight- and nine year-old poets poured their hearts out onto the page for this special day.

George Town Primary Principal Marie Martin was beaming proud of her students.

“Publishing Mother’s Day poems has become an annual exercise for… George Town Primary,” she said.

The school submits the poems that are completed and handed in first because there is a deadline to meet.

“Poetry is one of the oldest art forms and it is a part of our national curriculum,” she said. “Our students learn different types of poems: cinquain, limerick, quatrains, haiku and acrostic. Our students have made an effort through poetry to make this day very special for their moms. I am pleased with the work of our Young Poets.”


An outstanding person is who you are,

Beautiful like a lucky star.

Cuddles me when I have the flu,

Dwight is who she is married to.

Experienced with child rearing a hard task to do,

Fantastic in sports and lots more,

Greatest mom with a top score.

My Unique Mother…Tania Chung Harris

Traditionally cooking superb food,

Anxiously waiting to teach me what to do.

Never spoiling me in any way.

Indigo her favourite colour of the day,

Always amazingly smart and ready to pray.

Careful thinking and lots more,

High ranking she’ll definitely score.

Unbelievable intelligence she has the floor,

Nothing stops her from learning more.

Generously enjoying the Seven Mile seashore.

Helping away with our chores,

Awesome mother so gentle, yet so sure.

Georgia, The World’s #1 Mom

Gorgeous eyes you have.

Eager to show us right from wrong.

Opened ears so keen in every way.

Resting forever is how you’ll stay.

Godly teaching.

I can for me, ever preaching.

Analytical in everything you do.

Mother that’s why I love you.

A Special Mom

Born in a little town,

In big places she’ll find herself around.

On Sundays she’ll sing on the Godly choir,

Some things about her, I really enquire.

Caring for me with a lot of stress,

Most of the times she looks real depressed.

You are so like your mother,

Never acting like your brother.

Whenever I don’t know what to do,

I always look up to you.

My Amazing Mom

My amazing mom she is all the world to me.

When I play with her she laughs with glee.

She is so sweet like honey,

She’s worth more than all the money.

When I feel alone and blue,

She asks me “KC what can I do?”

When she quietly and nicely cooks,

I watch her and read and interesting book.

You mean all the world to me.

My Mom is #1

Who my mom is…

My mom is the BEST!

Every night she put me to rest.

Kissing me so sweetly and warm,

Just like honey on a bee farm.

Mom cares for me,

She makes me smile with glee.

Teaches us to choose right,

But yelling at times with all her might.

When I am blue,

The key to my happiness; she has the clue.

Feeling sick.

To my rescues she is quick.

Yes, my mom is the best!



Pretty, smart

Caring, loving, cooking

Always there for me Young

Super Mom

Smiling when I come near

Underneath her smile she’s tired

Peaceful even when stressed,

Entertaining when I’m sad,

Reproachful when I’m bad.

Million things it seems she can do

Only mine for ever and ever,

More than perfect.





recious mom,

Righteous, awesome, great,

Insanely good teacher,

Culprit to my brains,

Excellent painter, intelligent mother,

Lovable person,

Expectations are great,

She has couture,

She’s the best mom ever.


There once was a mother named Angela

Who liked to sing Ho Mandela

She is always so serious

And looks very curious

My lovely mother named Angela.