Undertakers set to kill off others

Community volleyball is not quite over as a sports league continues in East End this month.

May is expected to host two more weekends of matches in the East End Community Volleyball League. Put on by the East End Sports Committee, the competition sees eight teams split up into an adult and a youth division. Most are in the adult section with names like the Caymanites, Us Again, Team OJ, the Undertakers and the East End Bullets. The three youth sides are the Lions, Stingers and Bikers.

The league officially started in March. Games have taken place most Saturdays from 6pm at the East End Civic Centre.

Donalee Walton of the sports committee states the level of participation is most encouraging.

“We were very pleased with how many adults have signed up to participate,” Walton said. “Although a lot of youths signed up and had other commitments such as football in the mornings, most showed up to play at night.”