Security Centre locks up HSBC

Stuart Bostock may be known in the community for his stance against crime. But his presence in sports is becoming equally renown.

This week Bostock added a successful stint in softball to his resume. The Security Centre Safes beat down team HSBC 14-3 in the C league championship for the Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League. Put on by the Cayman Islands Little League, the Safes claimed the title in their rookie season at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town.

Bostock, President and CEO of The Security Centre Limited, was a big part of the team throughout the year. The first baseman often had clutch hits and had more than his fair share of those in the final.

Interestingly the sports enthusiast supports other disciplines such as cricket and flag football. Bostock states winning the C league championship was a surprise.

“We invited staff to join the team and when we found ourselves short we asked some clients,” Bostock said. “Although we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves, it’s quite a surprise to have won the C division title.”

The Security Centre Safes were far from embarrassing in the regular season. The side earned a 5-7 record, a tie for third place in the C2 division standings and a fifth seed in the playoffs. All of that progress was made under an experienced captain in Brad Watts. He played a number of years for A league powers such as Home Gas and Kirk Freeport. Watts states everything started from practice.

“At our first and only practice back in January it was evident that only a few players had any softball experience,” Watts said. “Luckily everyone was eager to learn and by the championship game, it was like we had a different team.”

The success of The Security Centre put a halt to HSBC captain Jeff Pouchie’s dreams of a repeat. The bankers were in the same spot last year when they won the C league crown in their first season.

For Safes player Amy Arnold the title will go down as a great end to a roller coaster season.

“Our team, new to the local softball scene, walked away with the title,” Arnold said. “With half the roster never having played the game, it looked like it was going to be a long season. In fact after game three we had three straight losses.”


The Security Center Safes. Back, coach Brad Watts, Ross Taylor, Stuart Bostock, Shaun Devine, Shayne Howe, Chris Duggan. Front, Joey Hew, Chris Larkin, Robyn Larkin, Kadie Malin, Amy Arnold, Mick Booker.