TripAdvisor: Cayman is best in Caribbean

The Cayman Islands has been recognized as the number one travel destination in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor travellers, as part of the TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Destinations Awards 2011.

In addition, Cayman was voted among the top 25 destinations in the world by TripAdvisor’s discerning travellers.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by travellers in this poll,” said Tourism Department Director Shomari Scott. “Winning an accolade of this caliber is a huge testament to the beauty, quality and service that visitors experience when they visit our Islands.” represents the world’s largest travel community. The Travellers’ Choice Destinations Awards honor the world’s top destinations, earning their distinction from actual travellers. The winners are determined by a combination of TripAdvisor’s travellers’ favorite places and the destination’s overall popularity on the travel review website.

“The fact that the TripAdvisor awards are based on more than 10 million real and unbiased traveler reviews is particularly encouraging and highlights that visitors leave our shores extremely satisfied with their vacation experience,” said Premier McKeeva Bush. “In addition to being selected as the number one travel destination in Caribbean & Mexico category, the Cayman Islands is the only Caribbean country listed in the top 25 destinations in the world, which is very extremely gratifying and exciting.” 


  1. As to all of the above story i have seldom read such utter rubbish ,this Cayman is hardly any of the good things they talk about …..funny how they forget to mention ,Bank Robbery’s ,Attempted Murder,Muggings,House Robbery’s,Stabbings,Constant DUI to name but some.
    And any Extremely Satisfied Vacation takers are easily pleased as the manners and friendlyness in Native Caymanians is few and far between .
    The Island is run down ,the only good thing going for it is the Beach and the Weather.

  2. It’s all relative. I am not surprised Cayman has been named best in the Caribbean based on the conditions of the other islands. This doesn’t mean Cayman is good, its just the best option.

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