Teens charged with attempted murder

Trigger pulled, gun failed to discharge

Two teens charged with
attempted robbery at Grand Harbour on Monday have also been charged with
attempted murder.

Jordon Bryson Powell, 18,
and Jonathan Samuel Welcome, 17, are both named on five charges: attempted
murder, two attempted robberies, possession of an unlicensed firearm and
possession of a prohibited weapon – a canister of pepper

Powell alone is charged
with an assault causing actual bodily harm.

Crown Counsel Marilyn
Brandt said the would-be robbers, who wore masks when they entered Blackbeard’s Liquor
Store, left the premises after not getting any money.  They encountered two

She told the court that
Charles Ebanks and Edward Azan had been fearful for the safety of the people in
the store when they saw what was happening and they ran to their vehicles to get
a knife and a machete.  As they approached the would-be robbers exited the
store. The one carrying a shotgun pointed it in Mr. Ebanks’ face and demanded
his money and jewels.

Mr. Ebanks replied, “Not
today” and dropped his knife. The gunman pulled the trigger, but the gun failed
to discharge, Ms Brandt related. Mr. Ebanks grabbed the gun and a struggle
ensured. The other suspect, armed with pepper spray, attempted to spray Mr.
Ebanks but Mr. Azan came to his assistance.

The would-be robbers ran
into a bushy area at the back of Grand Harbour and Selkirk Drive.  Mr.
Azan and Mr. Ebanks followed. The would-be robber with the pepper spray was
accosted by Mr. Ebanks and responded by spraying him in the face. Mr. Ebanks
nevertheless managed to hit the suspect with the shotgun. Other people then
assisted in holding this suspect while Mr. Azan cornered the

Magistrate Valdis Foldats
remanded both defendants in custody until Friday, 20 May, when they will appear
in Grand

Welcome, who is from
Town, was represented by
Attorney John Furniss.

Powell, of a George Town address, was
represented by Attorney Lloyd Samson.


  1. I wish we were reading about how they were eliminated from the gene pool. The 17 year old parents should serve time too. That might teach others how to raise children properly. Kudos to the fishermen for doing the right thing. Personally, I would have made good use of the machete and those hands would never be one with a weapon again.

  2. Two fishers-of-men bravely did the work that police officers hiding behind their desk, should have done long ago! The words, Not today Bobo better be taken seriouly for those who think that they can get away with murder! Whatever you sow in life, you shall reap! If the police and court system fails to prosecute and punish you for a crime against another person, God will just have to find other ways or means to ensure you are punished! Better learn from Karma.

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