CrossFit means super fit fast

CrossFit 7 Mile is staging another
Workout of the Day session on Saturday and judging by how popular these monthly
events are becoming, it should be another fun packed – albeit exhausting – time
for some of Cayman’s fittest sports people.

CrossFit is the relatively new gym
exercise programme that incorporates lots of cardio and strength training from
different sports which gets better results because participants vary their
routines. Mentally and physically it remains fresh so they see results faster.

Road running with medicine balls
and kayaking are just two unusual but effective ways CrossFit 7 Mile make their
workouts fun. 

Triathlete Caroline Cahill has been
training with CrossFit 7 Mile on the West Bay Road, behind the former Mezza
restaurant, since December and just improved her personal best by 13 minute at
the Boston Marathon, finishing in 3 hours 16 minutes. Cahill is doing an
Ironman in Sweden this year.

Nicola Moore started at CrossFit 7
Mile only two months ago and said that she is already running her fastest mile
times in 10 years.  She even cancelled a
scheduled knee surgery for this month because her legs are getting stronger and
her knee doesn’t bother her as much anymore. Intrepid Moore has just signed up
for a half Ironman in October.

Pam Travers is another top
triathlete enjoying the benefits of CrossFit 7 Mile training. She took 10 minutes
off her half marathon time recently and is also training for a triathlon.

Karla Ebanks has been crossfitting
since December and feels stronger mentally as well as physically. CrossFit
training is not cheap, slightly higher than average gym fees, but results are
usually so fast that an option is to do it in short bursts. “I don’t see it as
a high expense because it is an investment on my overall health,” says Ebanks,
30, who works in sales. “Actually when growing up I was never into sports, so
now that I’m in crossfit I feel that it has impacted me greatly and given me
more strength, endurance and sport capability. Through crossfit I am now able
to keep up at a right pace with my children and my everyday life.

Josh Parson hones his already
impressive physique at CrossFit 7 Mile as does Andre Campbell who used to play
football and basketball, The 27-year-old security guard is new to this workout
and is already hooked. “It is very challenging but a lot of fun,” he said. “I
was going to a regular gym and not getting any results. Wanda Brenton, Carl’s
wife, introduced me to it and very quickly I felt much fitter and stronger. I
also have more energy in my day to day life.”

CrossFit 7 Mile owner Carl Brenton
says: “The gym has grown exponentially since officially opening in February. We
are already about 135 members and growing. We have a lot of runners and we just
had a bunch of a women’s flag football team join. I would say that most people
are former athletes looking to get back in shape.”

Brenton is co-owner with wife
Wanda. They’re sporting background is volleyball and flag. Sports people from
all disciplines thoroughly enjoy what the variety and fun factor sessions give.

“We are doing monthly team Workouts
of the Day,” says Carl. “We had our team WOD on Saturday and it was again well
received. We let people pick their own teams but did not tell them what the
workout would be. 

“We took them bowling
and reserved King’s Sports Centre for a couple of hours. We want people to
continually try new sports – like adding kayaking to the previous workout.”


Running with medicine balls is an innovative way of getting fit.
pHOTO: Ron Shillingford