Hoops net support

Youth basketball in the Cayman
Islands is getting fresh support from a large insurance company

Cayman First is signing on as a
sponsor for Cayman’s Youth Development Basketball Program. Based at Kings Sports
Centre, the initiative caters to the 16 and under age group.

General Manager for Cayman First
Michael Gayle states the company is pleased to support positive community endeavours.

“Cayman First is happy to be able
to assist with this program,” Gayle said. “We fully support all initiatives
designed to give our youth opportunities to interact in a structured, wholesome
environment and we applaud the efforts of the organizers.”

Cayman First is making a
contribution to offset the cost of equipment needed for the program. The financial
goal for the initiative is $5,000 before the end of June. Parents and participants
are currently in the midst of numerous fundraising efforts.

National men’s basketball coach
Daniel Augustine is one of the Cayman Islands Basketball Association members involved
in the program. Augustine states the support of Cayman First is a small step
forward for the sport.

“The year has been kind to us in
local basketball and it’s important for all sporting programs to have the
backing from parents and supporters,” Augustine said. “Serving the community is
one of the program’s main objectives and to teach our children to be better
citizens. The association supports these efforts 100 percent.”

News of the sponsorship comes as
the PriceWaterhouseCoopers U16 Basketball League gets under way. One of
Cayman’s premier youth competitions, the league is into week four of its
matches for the boys division and week two for the girls. The next major youth
league is the Appleby U19 competition later on this year.

For more information call Daniel
Augustine at 938-0185 or email [email protected].com