Home Gas fired up for titles

Winning multiples championships could cause teams to get complacent. However Home Gas talk with the fire of a side just getting over their first or second triumph.

Home Gas recently secured their eight softball championship in the last 12 years. The squad took down Kirk Freeport, who won a title last year, 15-14 at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town. Put on by the Cayman Islands Little League, the match served as the A league final for the 2011 Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League.

A number of players did well in the contest. Al Lovinggood threw a complete game and William Foster carried the offence for Kirk Freeport. Alexis Camacho produced defensive gems and Pierre Foster had big hits for Home Gas.

Team captain Peter Whittaker has been on the squad for seven championships. Whittaker, 29, states he has a life-long commitment to the sport and wants to keep winning.

“I will be 30 in July and I have been in softball/baseball since I was in diapers,” Whittaker said. “I was actually born in the States but was raised in East End and I’ve been playing since I was about 10.

“It feels good when Home Gas is considered a dynasty. Winning seven seasons is a huge accomplishment, but at the end of the day we just go out there to have fun and play softball. The upcoming season should be very interesting. I have players calling and emailing prior to the start of the season telling me that they are putting in a team to take down Home Gas. We enjoy having the bulls-eye on us and we always welcome the competition. I think if teams like Kirk Freeport, Post Net and Al Thompson stick together there will be very exciting seasons in the future.”

One veteran on the team looking forward to next season and beyond is pitcher Tony Coe. Known in some circles for his involvement in jet ski racing, the George Town native has been the steady force on the mound for every title run. Coe states he looks forward to the pressure of winning next season and beyond.

“The final was very intense as I wanted to pitch a good game to give my team a chance at winning a title again,” Coe said. “It was a big deal as they dethroned us last season to break up our winning streak of seven straight titles. Overall it was a great season as it was one of the most competitive.

“I’ve played softball for over 30 years. I’m very confident as we are the team to beat and all of the teams want a chance to say “we beat Home Gas.” I would like to say a big thank you to Home Gas for the many years of sponsorship. I hope to keep our team of great people together for many years as we enjoy the friendship at every game.”

This year’s Home Gas squad may be one of its most athletically gifted units. In addition to Coe’s link to jet ski racing, the side features multi-sport stars Rensford Barnes, Jahzenia Thomas and Ryan Ebanks; flag footballer Baron Solomon and softball figure Marlon Thomas. Out of all the talent on the side Whittaker (who himself plays flag football) states the ladies deserve highest praise.

“Every season the league gets more and more competitive, which Home Gas really enjoys. It’s good to see more and more teams joining the league. Home Gas play together as a whole team and don’t depend on any one player or a couple of star players to win. We showed it during the league and throughout the playoffs with just about everyone playing a role to get key hits as well as key plays in the field.

“But I would like to give special recognition to the ladies of Home Gas as they have played very well during the season and finals. Our rookie Jahzenia Thomas came into the team just before mid-season and has played very well. Joni Wood, Lisbet Ebanks and Ann Marie Douglas have always been consistent with big hits and outstanding plays.”