Teen’s charges worry magistrate

Jonathon Samuel Welcome, 17 and Jordan Powell, 18, were scheduled to appear in Summary Court on 10 May for handling stolen goods.

Only Welcome, who was charged in a case with another man, was produced from custody.

The two men have been ordered to come back to court for another mention of that matter on 24 May.

Powell was not brought to court because he has been committed to the Grand Court on separate charges.

He was on bail for those offences when he allegedly committed another serious offence involving a firearm, which also involves Welcome.

Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale said she could not help but be concerned in an instance where a person as young as Powell had been before the court on two separate firearms charges, as well as burglary.

Lloyd Samson, Powell’s attorney, agreed with the magistrate.

He and his client are to reappear in Summary Court on Friday, 13 May.

A new date for all three men to return to court for mentions of their charges was set for 24 May.


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