Acker’s Cinco is all high fives

The usual spirited group of Cinco de Mayo celebrants were on hand for the annual run/walk last week.

Although a plethora of activities scheduled for that date cut into the number of entries on this occasion, the organisers kept to the fundamentals of the event which make it a one-of-a-kind presentation. Always starting at 5.55pm on 5 May, this one was another fiesta.

Sponsored by Carlos and Martin’s Tex-Mex Cantina, event shirts commemorated the activity on a Mexican theme. Performance and random awards followed the theme for the day, as the Glassblowing Studio provided chili pepper paperweights for the first five male and female finishers,as well as earrings and necklaces in the form of chili peppers,maracas and cacti to random winners.

Cayman Taffy offered a selection of sweets made up of red, green and white confections – the colours of the Mexican flag – which were claimed by finisher number 55, Tommy Williams and Eziethamae Bodden, whose finish time was closest to 55 minutes. Jacques Scott donated the hydration materials and post-race refreshments.

Governor Duncan Taylor continued to keep trim but running this one and Dave Bennett, on the eve of his 40th birthday, also kept his training regime going for his first Ironman.

Jerry Harper of the Phoenix Athletic Club and the rest of the organisers thanked all participants and volunteers and wished all present an enjoyable and safe continuation of the festivities to the music of Los Tropicanos during the evening.

Fleetest of foot over the out-and-back course at Safehaven were: 1.Marius Acker (17 minutes 21 seconds);2.Russell Coleman (17:35);3.Derek Larner (18:01; 4.George Mirica (19:24);5.Scott Norman (19:59);8.Tiffany Cole (20:16);9.Caroline Cahill (20:29);13.Ashley McLean (21:02);17.Emily Davies (21:19);22.Lucy Nicklas (22:38)

Times for all finishers are available at