Gospel radio off

Local radio stations Heaven 97FM and Gospel 87FM are no longer broadcasting after their licenses expired.

Information Communications Technology Authority Managing Director David Archbold said, “Broadcasting has ceased because there have been problems with fees, returns and license obligations for a long time.”

Mr. Archbold said the stations had been on a one-year probation and did not fulfil their obligations, essentially failing their probation. He added that there might however, be some things the company could do to be able to come back on air. “They do have an opportunity to make further representations during the next couple of weeks and dependant on the outcome of those discussions, we will have considerations to make.” A notice on the ICTA’s website, addressed to Stephen Faucette of the Christian Communications Association, reads, “The Authority has reviewed Christian Communications Association’s performance during the one-year probationary period and notes that CCA’s fourth quarter Royalty Fees, which in accordance with the terms of Annex 2 of the license, were due on 17 January, 2011, were not paid until 23 March, 2011, and therefore were 65 days overdue.” The statement went on to say that CCA’s fourth-quarter 2010 regulatory fees were also 65 days overdue.

“On 31 March, 2011, CCA provided ‘draft’ audited financial statements for the year ending 30 June, 2009 and explained that it did not have funds to pay for the audit. Under the terms of Annex 2 of the license, that audit was due 30 September, 2009 but Authority staff agreed to CCA’s request for an extension to 31 August, 2010…..The final report is still pending.” This draft audit also identified that CCA’s auditors were unable to attest to completeness of advertising and donation income. Annex 2 of the license identifies that the audit is used to verify the accuracy of the licence fees, “(the royalty fees and regulatory fees) which for CCA are primarily based on the advertising and donation revenues,” read the statement.

The document added that in the end, the auditors said CCA could not satisfy these requirements.

Attempts to reach Mr. Faucette were unsuccessful.