Editorial for May 16: Killing adult turtle is wrong

Another green turtle fell victim to
ruthless poachers last week. 

Not only did the adult male die, it
was killed with what is probably an illegal speargun and its body was mangled
by what is believed to have been the props on the poacher’s boat as it probably
attempted to flee the scene. 

If you know who the killer(s) are, you
should do the right thing and turn them in. 

Those who kill our endangered turtles
are destroying what we have left of our rich heritage with the animals. 

It’s obvious the killer(s) knew they
were acting illegally because they left behind the speargun’s rod and the

No one in this country can rightly
claim that they do not know that killing sea turtles is illegal. 

The turtle is intricately bound to
Cayman’s culture and way of life. 

Our history with the turtle is so
entrenched that an image of the creature adorns our Coat of Arms. 

It’s painted on the tail of Cayman
Airways aircraft. 

The Department of Tourism uses it as a
customer friendly logo. 

Even Christopher Columbus named our
Islands Las Tortugas because of the plentiful turtles he saw when he found

Yes, we still like to eat our turtle
meat, but that is easily available – at a cost – from the Turtle Farm. 

In addition to providing us turtle
meat, the farm is keeping turtles alive by raising them and releasing them back
into the wild. 

Once there, turtles should be left
alone to breed, nest, live and grow. 

We hope the Department of Environment
Marine Enforcement finds the person or persons responsible for killing the
turtle last week. 

We further hope they are charged and
receive the maximum sentence allowed by law when convicted. 

Killing turtles is senseless, wrong
and illegal. 

Those who commit the offence are
stealing from future generations of Caymanians and from society as a whole.
Someone knows who they are. Someone should turn them in. 


  1. You are right, Mr Editor: someone should turn them in for this greedy, senseless crime. But sadly, the Cayman of old, where people had a sense of public responsibility, has faded away. Now, it’s everyone for himself, selfish to the last disappearing drop of civic awareness, and careless of what will be left for future generations. As they fail to sow, so their heirs will have nothing to reap. How sad, how different from the Heroes who went before them.

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