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Mother found guilty of murder

A judge Tuesday convicted Tamara Butler of murder in the killing of her 6-year-old daughter Bethany. Judge Alastair Malcolm, delivering his verdict in the judge-alone...

The Council: Conservation consternation

It's difficult (but not impossible) to give the protection of the environment a bad name, but the National Conservation Council is making some headway.

Devon Anglin trial: Experts give evidence on gunshot residue

Gunshot residue was found on the clothing of Devon Anglin, accused of killing 4-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, a court heard this week.

Cayman Islands athlete warms up to marathon in Antarctica

Local runner Teresa Strad ran the race of a lifetime in Antarctica. Local runner Teresa Strad ran the race of a lifetime in Antarctica.

Shooter's clothing compared to defendant's

Expert video analyst Grant Fredericks testified last week that clothing worn by Devon Anglin, accused of killing 4-year-old Jeremiah Barnes, appeared indistinguishable from those worn by the shooter.

Brac crash kills doctor, construction company owner

Two American men die and a third long-time Cayman Brac resident is hospitalized following a Sunday afternoon crash.

France's test of courage and character

In the aftermath of the bestial attacks on innocents on Paris soil last Friday, France is at war. The very soul of the great Gallic nation – its courage and its character – will be severely tested.

Paris – and the world – reels from terrorist attacks

Three coordinated attacks shattered a bustling Friday night in Paris, killing at least 129 people and turning the French capital into a war zone. French residents in Cayman have been anxiously checking that friends and relatives are safe, and former Cayman Islands Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick, who recently moved to the city, described the scene in Paris Sunday.

Two die in Brac crash

A minivan apparently ran off the road on the Brac Sunday evening, killing two men and injuring a third.

Changes to prisoners' release take effect Feb. 1

The Cayman Islands Governor’s Office is seeking volunteers to help decide when and how criminals – including those convicted of murder – should be released from prison.

Northward's got talent

Prisoners at Northward displayed their talents at a Literacy Day event last week, showcasing the prison's rehabilitation programs.

Researchers track shark numbers

Researchers are tracking shark, snapper and grouper populations to monitor the health of predators on Cayman’s reefs.

On the Farm: When truth is redacted

First, they buried the turtles ... then, they buried the truth.

Report on farmed turtle deaths kept from public

The infection that hit the turtle farm last year, killing 1,268 green sea turtles over four months, did not come to light for almost a year and a half. The information was finally revealed in a Freedom of Information Law request and subsequent appeal for Cayman Turtle Farm board meeting minutes. The board presentation on the infection was initially redacted, but later handed over along with a host of other information after an appeal.

2015 storm season slow at peak

The historic peak of the Atlantic hurricane season is Sept. 10, but it has been a very slow season so far this year.

Police priorities: Burglars, not speeders

Tackling a rising number of burglaries and dealing with violent crime rather than handing out speeding tickets are the key priorities for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Police commissioner backs calls for speedy justice

A system of on-the-spot fines and formal warnings should be used to deal with low-level offenses, including smoking ganja, Police Commissioner David Baines said.

Two deny George Town murder

Two men denied killing 20-year-old Jason Powery in central George Town on July 1 when they appeared in Grand Court on Friday.

The Turtle Farm: A $30,000-a-day national meal

The Cayman Turtle Farm’s annual report has arrived. It contains bad news, and good news … sort of.

Fishermen warned over illegal shark fishing

Fishermen have been warned that catching sharks is now illegal in the Cayman Islands under the new National Conservation Law.

Rainfall down in Cayman as region struggles with drought

Rainfall in the Cayman Islands is down by 5.5 inches so far this year, according to the Weather Service, amid drought conditions across the Caribbean.

Father hopes for justice in son's slaying

The father of a man who was shot in the head outside a West Bay restaurant in January says he still hopes for justice for his son following the collapse of the trial against his accused killer.

Prune app may take you to a state of Zen

The "Prune" app is like yoga for the mind, allowing you to trim trees into beautiful shapes that blossom under the sun's rays.

Cayman's fear factor must be repudiated and eliminated

There are likely murderers (plural) roaming freely in the Cayman Islands, untried and unaccountable for their homicidal actions. This is directly attributable to Cayman’s prevalent culture of silence and perceived retribution.

Anglin appeals conviction for Bise murder

A decision is likely on July 24 in Chad Anglin’s appeal of his conviction for the 2008 murder of Swiss banker Frederic Bise.

Two arrested in shooting death

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 20-year-old West Bay man in the Scranton area of central George Town on July 1.

Police looking for passersby in central George Town slaying

Police are looking for people who were walking or driving along Shedden Road on the night of July 1 when 20-year-old Jason Powery was shot and killed.

Two arrested in Powery slaying

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers arrested two men Friday, ages 23 and 28, on suspicion of murdering Jason Powery.

Man 'stable' after downtown attack

A man whose throat was cut and his car rammed during a daylight attack in downtown George Town may live to tell the tale.

Midday melee in downtown George Town

A West Bay man’s throat was slashed in a fight with the driver of another car that repeatedly rammed his vehicle in downtown George Town around lunch time.

Budget, legal issues hold up human rights legislation

Important human rights-related legislation is being held up over government staffing issues.

Judge to rule Thursday in murder case

Justice Charles Quin is expected to give two rulings on Thursday, June 4, in the trial of Jose Guadalupe Sanchez.

Road dangers focus of memorial walk

Saturday morning walkers and joggers will gather on South Sound Road to remember a walker killed last week and highlight problems with drunk driving and road safety.

Cayman's Nepalese community unites to support earthquake victims

Members of Cayman’s small Nepalese community gathered together Sunday to say a prayer for their devastated homeland in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that killed almost 4,000 people.

The Great Shark Hunt

The Compass joined Guy Harvey's research team on an ongoing project to tag Oceanic White Tip sharks in Cayman's waters.

Store-cupboard remedies for skin and hair

It may come as a welcome surprise that the answers to many of our beauty woes can be found in the food aisles of the supermarkets and in our own kitchen cupboards.

Dinosaurs and aliens under microscope at STEM 2015

Alien worlds, meat-eating dinosaurs, interstellar travel, drone technology and lionfish are some of the diverse topics under discussion at the Science Technology Engineering and Math conference, starting Tuesday.

Masters named top TCI prosecutor

One of Cayman's former Crown prosecutors takes the top spot in Turks and Caicos.

Lionfish video could be world first

Researchers in Little Cayman believe they have captured the first-ever video recording of a predator killing and eating a lionfish in the wild.

Arrest links several Cayman homicides

A recent arrest has linked a number of killings in Grand Cayman that have occurred since 2011.

Murder suspect released on bail

The suspect in a Jan. 23 West Bay killing has been released on bail.

Bush seeks gang peacemaker role

West Bay legislator McKeeva Bush wants to act as a peacemaker in the long-running gang dispute fuelling rising gun violence in the district.

Family devastated by murder-suicide

The Caymanian family of a 21-year-old student, shot dead by her ex-boyfriend in a murder-suicide, have spoken of their shock following the incident in the U.S.

Man arrested for Yates murder

Police arrested a 22-year-old West Bay man early Thursday morning in connection with the killing earlier this month of Victor Oliver Yates.

Second man wounded in Friday shooting

A second man was apparently injured in a Friday night shooting that killed a West Bay resident.

Vengeance and violence on Cayman's 'mean streets'

Another young Caymanian, barely beyond his teens, is dead, his life's candle extinguished by gunfire in what is becoming known as the "killing zone" of the district of West Bay.

Ongoing feud blamed in West Bay killings

Another young man shot dead in West Bay may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Young man killed in West Bay

Another West Bay man was shot dead overnight in the second homicide to occur there this month.

Police chief: Culture of silence keeping killers on the street

Young men will continue to die on Cayman’s streets unless the community ends the culture of silence that is preventing police from bringing killers to justice, Police Commissioner David Baines has warned.

'I know who killed my son'

The father of a 22-year-old man who was shot dead outside a West Bay restaurant claims he knows who killed his son.

Few convictions for killings

Cayman has seen 22 homicides since the start of 2010, and only seven of those have resulted in convictions.

Shooting in West Bay second in three days

Gun violence in West Bay district appears to be rising once again.

Wild Wild West (Bay): Police must shut down 'shooting gallery'

"I got my gun on me neva leave home with out it" ... Such is the attitude toward the laws of the Cayman Islands among certain elements of our community.

Field of dreams gets reality check

Progress has been slow on Cayman football's center of excellence amid a slew of difficulties with the land. Football officials say that is about to change.

2014 Year in Review

A month-by-month review of the Cayman Islands' top new stories in 2014.

Krys doubles up the pain this time

Ultra-distance runner Ken Krys deserves to put his feet up this festive season more than most because in recent weeks he has completed two more challenging events.

Banker's murder had 'devastating impact'

The murder of Frederic Bise and the publicity surrounding the six-year hunt for his killers had a devastating effect on his two young daughters, a court heard Tuesday.

Contracts for Jamaican cops on hold

Several contracts that were about to be issued by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to officers transferring from Jamaica have been put on hold following the murder conviction last month of Tyrone Findlay.

'Dream' wants out of nightmare

One of Cayman's most popular night spots is working on improved security and tighter restrictions.

Ebanks acquitted of Bise murder

Leonard Antonio Ebanks was cleared late Monday of murder but convicted on the lesser charge of being an accessory after the fact to the killing of Swiss banker Frederic Bise. 

Defendant claims witnesses are lying about his confessions

The man accused of murdering Swiss banker Frederic Bise suggested he was the victim of a conspiracy as he continued to insist that two women who claimed he confessed to the crime were lying.

Defendant denies role in Bise murder

Leonard Antonio Ebanks denied confessing to two women that he had been involved in the murder of Swiss banker Frederic Bise.

Bush bashes 'draconian' legislation

Bills aimed at better regulating business licensing processes and pawn shops are approved by lawmakers, but the Opposition Leader disagrees.

Online poll: Many drink alcohol at least three times a week

More respondents to a caymancompass.com online poll drink alcohol at least three days a week than those who don’t drink it at all.

Protected witness: Defendant confessed to Bise murder

A domestic helper told a jury that Leonard Antonio Ebanks confessed to her that he had killed Frederic Bise.

Witness says defendant gave her slain man’s jewelry

The former lover of Leonard Antonio Ebanks told a court she wore jewelry she believed had been stolen from slain banker Frederic Bise to her child’s christening.

Ten men share their stories of surviving cancer

With 2014 being the 10th anniversary of Movember, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society is making available the personal stories of 10 cancer survivors.

Texts described in Bise case

A former lover of murdered Swiss banker Frederic Bise told a Grand Court jury they had planned to get together on the night he was killed in West Bay in 2008.

Mother of slain 6-year-old charged with murder

A woman accused of killing her 6-year-old daughter appeared in court Friday after being formally charged with murder.

Defendant ‘confessed’ to murder of Frederic Bise, court hears

A West Bay man twice confessed to the “savage” killing of Swiss banker Frederic Bise, whose badly beaten body was found in the burning wreck of his car, a court heard.

Defendant ‘confessed’ to murder, court hears

A West Bay man twice confessed to the “savage” killing of Swiss banker Frederic Bise, whose badly beaten body was found in the burning wreck of his car, a court heard.

Online poll: Opinions on private gun ownership split

Opinions of the respondents of a caymancompass.com online poll on the issue of private ownership of guns for protection were split, with just slightly more people disagreeing than those who agreed.

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