Online poll: Many drink alcohol at least three times a week

More respondents to last week’s online poll drink alcohol at least three days a week than those who don’t drink at all. 

Of the 452 total respondents, 39 percent said they drank alcohol three to seven days a week, while 32.7 percent said they don’t drink.  

The remaining 28.3 percent, or 128 people, said they drink one or two days a week, with wine being the beverage of choice for those who drink at this rate. 

“Organic wine or Fleur de Cana (rum) over ice,” said one person, while another responded, “Friday happy hour drinks.”
“Beer on weekends at my house with family and friends,” said someone else. 

Others said they drink, but not every week. 

“I go weeks without touching it, but an evening out to dinner with friends or for business usually sees me having one to three glasses of wine or Champagne,” said one respondent.  

“Not every week, but if I did have a drink once a week, I would drink wine,” said another. 

Sixty-six people, 14.6 percent, said they drink alcohol three or four days a week. 

“Two glasses of red wine as per doctor’s orders to lower cholesterol,” said one person. 

“It’s probably more like four or five most weeks, but I shoot for three or four,” said another. “It’s hard around here, especially when wine is an integral part of most of my dinners.”  

“Usually wine or beer on weekends,” said someone else. “Sometimes the odd cocktail if it is from Aqua or Brasserie where they use local ingredients and treat it as an art.” 

Again, wine was the top choice for those who drink alcohol three to four days a week, with rum the next most popular choice. 

Another 46 people – 10.2 percent – said they drink alcoholic beverages five or six days a week, with wine also being most popular. 

“Red or white wine, or Champagne,” said one person, while another said, “Red wine, one glass a day.”
“I drink far too much in Cayman,” lamented one person. “It’s steaming hot and they go down quickly. Not healthy.”  

Sixty-four respondents – 14.2 percent – said they drink alcohol seven days a week, with spirits, particularly rum, being the most popular form of alcohol with these people.  

“Daily, usually after dinner,” said one person. “My favorite is bourbon, neat.” 

“I’m an alcoholic,” said someone else. 

“White rum, so I don’t have to think about the dump, slowly killing us all,” commented another respondent sarcastically.  

Almost a third of respondents – 148 people or 32.7 percent – said they don’t normally have any drinks on a weekly basis. Some said they didn’t drink because they were underage, while others abstained for religious or health reasons. 

“I am a diabetic and alcohol is a no-no if you are a diabetic, even if very well controlled like mine is,” said one person. 

“I don’t drink,” said someone else. “It’s a waste of money and time and it makes you do stupid things.” 

“It is an unnecessary, pointless, expensive activity that often leads to other drugs, drunk driving, domestic abuse, bad choice of sexual partners and addiction,” said another person. “Totally stupid.” 

“I am a Christian and have never had any desire whatsoever for alcoholic beverages,” said someone else. 

Others said they drink, but not even one day a week normally. 

Another person who responded would prefer to see alcohol banned, saying, “I never did drink alcoholic beverages and never will. There would be no alcoholic drinks/liquor in these three Cayman Islands if I had anything to do with it.” 

Next week’s poll question  

What is your favorite beach activity? [Explain your answer in comments]  

  1. Swimming/wading in the sea 
  2. Reading/tanning 
  3. Walking/running 
  4. Playing sports 
  5. Barbecuing/partying 
  6. Other 

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