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Two charged in 2008 homicide case

Two Northward prison inmates are charged in the 2008 murder of a Swiss banker in West Bay.

Man released in homicide inquiry

One of the two men arrested this week in connection with the killing of Earl Hart in Prospect has been released by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Crime decline reverses in 2013

Police report crime rates are back on the rise in Cayman after a quiet 2012.

Suspects charged in 'cold case' killing

Two Northward prison inmates were charged Thursday in connection with killing a Swiss banker in West Bay nearly six years ago.

Police: Murder cases 
not gang warfare

Local police say there appears to be no connection, or any particular gang affiliation, in three recent homicides.

Arrests made in Marina Dr. killing

Two men were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday in connection with the killing of Earl Hart.

Man shot in third homicide

Anthony James Connor was shot dead outside the Mango Tree in George Town Friday night.

Man dead in GT shooting

Grand Cayman has its third killing in the past month as a man is shot in the vicinity of a popular George Town bar. 

Slain man was murder trial witness

A man who was killed late Thursday at his home in Prospect had served as a witness in a Grand Cayman murder trial last year.

Editorial for October 3: Growing cost of serious crime

Cayman has little to show for its significant investments in police.

Legislators meet on crime spree

Add another armed robbery to the tally, as a central George Town pizza delivery shop was hit by two suspects Wednesday night.

Police make second arrest in killing

A second arrest in connection with the deadly shooting of a West Bay man.

Young man arrested in West Bay killing

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Irvin Bush in West Bay this weekend.

Sunday shootings not connected, police say

Update, 11.45am: Police have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with Sunday's shooting death of Irvin Garlon Bush.

West Bay man killed, shot fired in Lower Valley

Shootings have become more commonplace again in the Cayman Islands, particularly in West Bay, over the past few months.

Wife maintains prison escapee’s innocence

The wife of escaped prisoner Steve Manderson insists her husband, who is in the 20th year of a life sentence for murder, is innocent and deserves his freedom.

A crisis not of his making

Cayman Islands prisons director Neil Lavis has only been in the job six weeks and he is facing the biggest crisis of his career.

Movie producer makes lionfish announcement

Hollywood screenwriter and producer James V. Hart has been putting his talents to work raising awareness of the impact the invasive lionfish population has on reefs throughout the Caribbean.

Prisoners on the run: Who are they?

Convicted killer Steve Manderson is a serial escape artist who has broken out of prison on at least five previous occasions.

Beer fuels shark conservation effort

White Tip Lage celebrates one more year of shark conservation with a fundraiser at Royal Palms.

Defendant tells court his car broke down

Tareek Ricketts told the court on Tuesday that he was a few minutes away from the scene of a fatal shooting because his car broke down.

Images document decline of coral reefs

Thousands of SCUBA divers annually gasp in awe at Cayman’s reefs, still the envy of the Caribbean. But a series of photographs shows they are a pale shadow of their former selves.

Cayman keeps eye on Honduras danger

Violence in Honduras is ramping up and it's having an effect in Cayman.

Editorial for 30 July: Lionfish battle needs to be coordinated

The fight against the lionfish invasion needs to be coordinated.

Vocal minority want life sentences reviewed

They are in a minority, but those advocating restoration of the death penalty are the most vocal, taking a hard line on convicted criminals and lifelong punishment.

Hepatitis kills 1.4 million a year

As World Hepatitis Day approaches, the Pan American Health Organisation and the World Health Organisation are urging the public to learn about the disease and get screened and treated, if necessary.

Evening flights target dengue-spreading mosquitoes

Aircraft have begun evening patrols spraying insecticide in the West Bay area in a bid to reduce the chances of another outbreak of dengue fever.

Life sentences ‘inhuman’, court rules

Whole life jail sentences without the possibility of parole for convicted murderers are called “inhumane” in a landmark European court ruling that could have implications in the Cayman Islands.

Editorial for 09 July: Police pursuits: Not so fast?

We want the police to chase the bad guys, but how fast is too fast?

Court: Police ‘negligent’ in fatal pursuit

A Grand Court judge rules that police are partly to blame in a 2008 fatal car crash at the end of a pursuit.

Human rights case filed 
over pre-trial imprisonment

A human rights test case asks whether a murder suspect can be granted bail prior to his trial.

Consider method of death

Writer says sentencing in killings should take into account reason behind death.

One freed – more to follow?

One convicted killer is out of Northward prison. How many others will follow?

All is vanity. And ants.

Super-ants are infesting the United States.

Florek melts away for summer

The Cayman Islands’ top female distance runner Beth Florek is taking a rare ‘break’ from running as she winds down from the ‘surreal’ experience of the Boston marathon.

No landfill for Bodden Town

The landfill project in Bodden Town appears to be officially dead.

West Bayers will be Progressive

As the People’s Progressive Movement leads Cayman’s government, the future of West Bay remains in doubt.

PADI backflips on lionfish spearing courses

SCUBA dive training organisation PADI has done an about-face on qualifying instructors to teach students how to spear and cull lionfish.

Important issues: Bodden Town district

Bodden Town election hopefuls share their thoughts on how to improve the district.

Cayman runners escape marathon bomb terror

Three Caymanian runners escaped injury on Monday when a terrorist bomb blast rocked the Boston marathon killing at least two people and wounding up to 100 others.

Do something about speeding

I was sorry to hear the Jerk Stand was taken out by a couple of kids who saw fit to speed during a rain storm, but hopefully some good will come of it.

Saving the Brac rock iguana

The first Cayman Brac rock iguana population study has presented alarming results – only 97 Brac rock iguanas have been found.

Mom's protest over son's murder

A heartbroken mom is staging a one-woman protest in an effort to get information about the murder of her son in Honduras.

Scientists are basically just messing about killing time

We think it might be a full moon in Science Land this week.

US military expands its drug war in Latin America

At any given moment, 4,000 U.S. troops are deployed in Latin America and as many as four U.S. Navy ships are plying the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines of Central America.

Haiti, three years after quake

Three years on from the devastating earthquake in Haiti, reconstruction is slow and the security situation is deteriorating

Killers in our midst

Writer says to be wary of killers in our midst.

Candlelight vigil held for poisoned dogs

More than 60 people attended a candlelight vigil at Smith Barcadere Saturday to commemorate dogs poisoned with the herbicide paraquat.

Bleach vapour fights superbugs

Infection control experts have found that spraying bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide in hospital rooms is highly effective in combatting superbugs.

Online poll: Most want ganja decriminalised

More than two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s caycompass.com online poll think ganja possession should be decriminalised at least to some degree.

18 children dead in US school shooting

 A man opened fire inside the Connecticut elementary school where his mother worked Friday, killing 26 people, including 18 children.

The immortal jellyfish and how Google predicts flu outbreaks

How jellyfish may hold the key to immortality.

Fire leaves pastor homeless

Countryside Church Pastor, Marquis McLaughlin house burns on John McLean Drive

Online poll: Most want turtle farming to stop

More than 54 per cent of the 682 respondents to last week’s caycompass.com online poll want to see an end to the farming of turtles for meat in Cayman.

Investigate Seaford Russell’s death

Writer implores government to find out who killed her brother in Honduras.

Terror came to Cayman 80 years ago

Eigthy years ago this week, the Hurricane of 1932 ravaged the Cayman Islands and particularly Cayman Brac.

The Old Woman and her Pig get pulled into 21st century

Me Books is an amazing tool where parents can record their voice reading books to their children, or the children themselves can read and record.

My Spidey Sense is glowing but the power’s gone out

How many cuddles does it take to get to third base? Read on, friends.

Sandy storm of the century for US

A state of emergency has been declared for New York State after storm Sandy slammed into the east coast of the United States yesterday, killing at least 16 people.

Research shows great news for slapheads, gold lovers

Bald men are perceived as having more authority, say scientists.

Conservation law promised again

The minister with oversight for the environment Mark Scotland says he hopes to bring the long-delayed National Conservation Bill before the Legislative Assembly by the end of this year.

Editorial for 04 October: Wait and see on conservation

The National Conservation Bill in the Cayman Islands does not need to be watered down.

Police: 13 per cent drop in total crime

Reports of crime have dropped in the first half of 2012.

Veteran UK cop dies on dive

Chris Devereux hadn’t been on Grand Cayman very long, but according to Royal Cayman Islands Police supervisors he had already made quite an impression.

Ja gov’t staffer targeted in ‘execution attempt’

An employee at the Jamaican Contractor General's office escapes execution, according to his boss.

Online poll: Current parties get little support

More respondents to last week’s caycompass.com online poll said they were inclined to vote for independent candidates if elections were held tomorrow than the two existing political parties put together.

Wolverines tear apart Warriors

Only three weeks remain in the regular season of the Dart Women’s League under the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association and the underdogs are scrambling to secure their spot in the playoffs.

War is bad, curry is good –...

Ever wondered why curry is so awesome?

Managing invasion of lionfish

Lionfish culling has been successful.

Premier takes umbrage with press

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush blames the press for devisiveness in the country.

Witnesses in fear in international guns case

US prosecutors urge a federal judge to protect witnesses in a Florida-Cayman gun smuggling investigation.

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