Wife maintains prison escapee’s innocence

The wife of escaped prisoner Steve Manderson insists her husband, who is in the 20th year of a life sentence for murder, is innocent and deserves his freedom.

Sunshine Manderson said she has not seen or heard from her husband, who she married in prison, since he escaped from Northward prison nearly two weeks ago.

“What I would like to see happen is for them to set my husband free because the man is innocent,” she said.

Mrs. Manderson has professed her husband’s innocence since he was charged and convicted of killing a prison staffer while incarcerated.

Steve Manderson has reportedly escaped from custody six times, although his wife adamantly claims he has escaped eight times. He remains at large with his son, Marcus. Jamaican national Chadwick Dale, who broke out of prison with the two Mandersons on Aug. 14, was recaptured in North Side last week, but the father and son remain at large.

“Set him free,” Mrs. Manderson said of her husband, “he has already been provoked to death and he has already ‘rubbed’ 20 years, enough is enough … the evidence is there.”

She said every legal means that her husband had in order to help himself was turned down. She wrote to Queen Elizabeth II, but was told by letter that it was a matter for the government in Cayman.

”They have no intention of giving us any right. You know who will give us right, that powerful man up above. The case is now in God’s hand,” she said. “The courthouse has the evidence that the man did not do it … the case was framed against him. It is a disgrace for them to call such a corrupted place like the prison after Queen Elizabeth,” she said.

When it comes to the whereabouts of her husband, Mrs. Manderson said it is her business and God’s business. “I not only believe he is innocent, I know the man is innocent,” she said.

Asked if the police had contacted her about her husband since he went on the run, she said, “They did not come to my house the night he got out of jail … I think they drove into the yard but left shortly. They are my enemies. I am not saying that all of them are no good … but there is so few, I don’t know who the good ones are.”

According to Mrs. Manderson, the police did not search her home because there was “nothing to find.” She said two officers came and asked if she had seen her husband, but when she said no and asked for a warrant, they quickly left.

“It matters nothing to no one if he is hurting his chances of escaping all the time. They decided to deal unjustly with him, so it does not matter what either of us do,” she said. “I have no insight into how he has managed to escape eight times. It is not just me and my husband they are dealing with any longer, it is with the almighty God.”

Mrs. Manderson has been going to Northward prison to visit her husband for the past 18 years, although in the last couple of months, she had not been able to attend. “Every time a visit was scheduled for me to visit my husband, I was there, so I know what is going on,” she said.

The couple met as children, according to an earlier interview Mrs. Manderson did with the Observer on Sunday newspaper, and reconnected and married years later in a ceremony at Northward prison after he was incarcerated.


  1. Prisons; full of people who all claim to be innocent!

    Question I want an answer to is where has he gone? It must be somewhere nice, as it has got to be pretty good to improve on all meals being provided, a touch of rum here and there, access to cell phones and the chance to indulge in Bob Marley approved cigarettes.

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