Accident prompts nonprofit wheelchair service

Two young men who were hit by a car in mid-July while riding their bikes have prompted Rotaract Blue to set up a wheelchair rental service.

The club teamed up with Cayman Medical Supplies to donate two wheelchairs to Rashead Myrie and Darvin Watson.

Both of the men had undergone surgery to repair injuries to their legs and had mobility issues as they recovered from the accident and the subsequent surgery.

As a result of the donations, Rotaract Blue will create a rental program which will enable the club to supply used wheelchairs at a minimum rental fee.

The wheelchairs will be made available to families who are unable to afford new wheelchairs due to lack of health insurance or financial constraints.

The proceeds from the rental program will be used to purchase additional chairs.

As for the young men, they have mastered movement in the wheelchairs and their recovery is progressing well, according to Rotaract Blue.

“I am confident that these new gifts will further assist these two young men on their long road to recovery,” said Yvette Cacho, president of the Rotaract Blue club.

“With the contribution, they now have the ability to enjoy one thing most of us take for granted – the freedom to move,” she said.

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