All is vanity. And ants.

Luckily for the world, Weekender Science Desk is far too awesome and hunkalicious to be accused of narcissism. 

That’s why we’re not bothered about the findings of the latest duuur-really-Sherlock study by the University of Michigan. Said study looked at college-age and older adults and showed that the college kids used Twitter to spout their hare-brained opinions, whilst adults ‘who exhibited narcissism’ preferred Facebook. 

“Young people overvaluate the importance of their own opinions,” said study researcher Elliot Panek, according to CBC. 

“It’s about curating your own image, how you are seen, and also checking on how others respond to this image …  

“Middle-aged adults usually have already formed their social selves and they use social media to gain approval from those who are already in their social circles.” 

The college kids had an average age of 19 and the 486 participants answered questions on their social media use plus took a personality assessment. The 93 adults were average age of 35 and took a similar study. 


Bonk on the head 

Enough to make you dizzy isn’t it? Talking of which, apparently if you’ve already had a previous concussion you’re prone to getting another one which will take longer to recover from, if it occurs within the next 12 months. According to USA Today, “Patients without a prior concussion took 12 days on average to recover, while those with several previous concussions took 28 days. Recovery from a second concussion within a year took 35 days, the study found. About 60 per cent had been injured playing sports.” 

Pro gridiron players and boxers’ results seemed to indicate repeated blows could cause permanent damage including Alzheimers-like conditions and possibly higher suicide risks, said the study, published in Pediatrics journal. 

Scary. But at least there isn’t a new species of ant that is resistant to chemicals that kill other species, killing other species itself and nicking all the food so the ecosystem is wrecked. 

Except, says ABC News, there is. The ants are attracted to electronics, too, and despite the fact that they get electrocuted and die, more are drawn to the source of energy – meaning that there’s a build-up of dead ants that fries the circuit in question. The ants are known as ‘crazy ants’ and are spreading through the United States fast. Aggressive, superior and seeming to believe they are without natural enemies? Wonder if these ants are on Facebook or Twitter? 


Come face to face with one of these and you’re in strife, pals. – Photo: File

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