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JOURNAL: Where next with the EU tax blacklist?

On March 12, government and the financial sector awaited with bated breath the outcome of the European Union’s evaluation of Cayman’s tax regime.
The Day One app has been around for a while, and keeps getting better.

Day One is a great resolution to have

Day One Cost: $0.99 Seller: Bloom Built, LLC Devices: iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone Rating: E for everyone First impressions We all know the well-worn resolutions that people make, revolving around...

Health City: 2016 looks like a growth year

Health City Cayman Islands is about to enter a new stage of development.

‘Time of Departure’ proves Schofield is no fluke

Cayman resident, lawyer and novelist Douglas Schofield released his latest book, 'Time of Departure,' in Dec. 2015, and it has already garnered glowing reviews and award nominations.

The battle over 'beneficial ownership'

The topic of "beneficial ownership" is, for many of the jurisdictions including Cayman, the primary issue defining current relations with our common Colonial Mother.

Book Fair brings a wealth of knowledge to budding writers

Budding authors, bloggers and poets should attend the Cayman Islands Book Fair this Saturday to get some tips from experienced speakers.

Hospice care extends life, saves money, research shows

The director of palliative medicine for Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in the U.S. said hospice care is good for patients, families and budgets.

Obituary: George Richardson Proctor, 1920-2015

George Proctor, author of "Flora of the Cayman Islands," passed away in New York on Oct. 12. He was 95.

HSA: All incidents are fully investigated

Health Services Authority bosses insist any “adverse outcome” at its facilities is fully investigated, though they have declined to comment directly on the death of British dive industry worker Kate Clayton.

Teachers make schools great — Buildings don't

When confronted with failing schools, many officials begin searching for a quick (usually expensive) fix. The trouble is, there is no such thing.

Donors of Caribbean descent sought for bone marrow registry

For many patients suffering from blood cancers and other blood diseases, a bone marrow transplant is the only cure. But for patients of Caribbean descent, that cure is often out of reach.

The importance of lung cancer screening

Patients undergo screening to detect a disease when there are no symptoms or history of that disease. Doctors recommend a screening test to find a disease early, when treatment can be most effective.

Caledonian depositors will receive about 90 cents on the dollar

Creditors of Caledonian will recover most of their money, according to the Cayman bank’s liquidators.

Dart buys Barefoot Beach property

A $10 million piece of beachfront property in East End – once slated for a Mandarin Oriental Hotel – has been acquired by Dart Realty, the developer has confirmed.

US prosecutors seek more FIFA victims, witnesses

Federal prosecutors look for more leads in the FIFA corruption probe while banks come under increased scrutiny again.

Report: Caribbean lionfish showing signs of cannibalism

According to a recent study, Caribbean lionfish have the potential for cannibalistic behaviour.

Cayman's remit: End of money transfers impacts thousands

The sudden closure of money-transfer services in the Cayman Islands threatens to render thousands of people here, and thousands more of their family members across the world, in immediate and intractable financial straits.

Longtime island visitor recalls treasured memories

American Keith Rayner has been a regular visitor to Grand Cayman over four decades. While the beauty of the island was what first attracted him, memories of his wife and the time they shared on the island keep him coming back.

NRA cites concerns with Dart road plan application

The National Roads Authority says it is concerned traffic delays on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway abutting Camana Bay will shift to the Lawrence Boulevard roundabout after the Dart Group widens the road through its development if the section south of the roundabout is not widened to four lanes as well.

Sponsors help fund school trip

Sponsors helped nine students raise $11,000 for a Year Six class trip to Orlando, Florida.

Cayman coral study published in global research journal

An article based on the results of a study of staghorn coral in artificial coral nurseries in the Cayman Islands has been published in the scientific journal Endangered Species Research.

The Webb arrest: Dealing with the reputational fallout

The arrest of Caymanian Jeffrey Webb in relation to corruption and racketeering charges filed in the U.S. will cause the Cayman Islands significant reputational damage.

Business in brief

A roundup of local business briefs.

Mr. Miller's 'revolution': A condemnable and contemptible fiction

A half-century of careful toil; assaulted, if not undone, in a single, careless, reckless breath.

Author to talk about leadership

Best-selling author Joanna Barsh will present and sign her "Centered Leadership" book at Books & Books in Camana Bay this week.

Work permits and unemployment: Exposing the myth

The assertion that foreign workers take jobs from Caymanians belongs in the realm of myth.

Tourism chiefs huddle in Big Apple

Tourism officials met with journalists, advertising agencies and other industry partners in New York to discuss strategies for promoting the Cayman Islands.

Health warning over new HIV strain

Public health officials are reminding Caymanians to practice safe sex following reports of the emergence of a more aggressive strain of HIV in the region.

Frank Schilling: A man who knows his domains

The narrative of Frank Schilling is a success story, punctuated with a cautionary tale for Cayman.

Mayor's Cup triumph is the goal

The ever improving Under-15 Cayman Islands youth football team returns to Las Vegas for the 2015 Mayor’s Cup International Showcase high in confidence after excellent showings in the last two years.

More genetically modified mosquitoes planned for Cayman

As genetically modified mosquitoes used to control mosquito-borne viruses like dengue and chikungunya, a technique first tested in Cayman, is proposed for the Florida Keys, researchers in Cayman are preparing for a bigger release of the genetically modified insects here.

Do you keep your New Year's resolutions?

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time to start fresh with a clean slate. However, while New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, they’re much harder to keep. Find out ways to make your goals for 2015 come true.

Remembering Capt. Marvin, 1916-2014

Services will be held Saturday for Capt. Charles Marvin Ebanks, who died last month at age 98.

Capt. Marvin, tourism pioneer, dies at 98

Credited with having had a major role in shaping Cayman’s water-sports tourism industry, Capt. Marvin, as he was fondly known, passed away Saturday morning, surrounded by his large family.

Cayman nets top destination award

The Cayman Islands was selected as the destination of the year by online publication the Caribbean Journal in its inaugural regional travel awards.

My kid’s smarter than yours! Or maybe not …

According to a study conducted at Florida State University, parental actions such as reading to kids, encouraging learning through games, and having family dinners does not have any detectable influence on a child’s intelligence later in life. 'Caymom Chronicles' investigates...


Cayman First reels in celebrities

Local fishing is promising to end its year with a bang.

Cayman needs more angling, fishing guru says

A fishing celebrity urges the Cayman Islands to do more for competitive angling.

Barta eager to work with local anglers to boost catches

Fishing guru Tred Barta is motivated to boost competitive angling in the Cayman Islands.

Swordfish will be first challenge

Swordfish figure to be in focus for the next sportfishing season, with the first challenge scheduled for March.

Eat your veggies!

Does your child hate eating his veggies? A reluctance to eat them often begins around 18 months of age, according to research, and peaks between ages 2 and 6.

Barta here to promote fishing

Cayman is playing host to a fishing celebrity.

FIFA World Cup: The games, the gamesmanship

The World Cup provides action and controversy both on and off the pitch.

Local farming under the spotlight

A representative of European farming associations visited farms in Cayman recently and liked what she saw.

Pregnancy and back pain

Local chiropractor Dr. Jemal Khlan gives advice on reducing back pain during pregnancy.

Online order: 'WWW' no longer the wild, wild West

A respected U.S. magazine recently moved to restrict commentary on its website. Here's why this is important to Cayman.

Super foods for super skin

Food choices can help to slow the damage done to our skin by lifestyle choices and environmental stressors, including the sun.

Does your teen have low 'selfie-steem'?

'Selfies' may be the new buzzword for social media, but the trend among teenagers, especially girls, could be detrimental to their self-esteem.

Sharks, grouper learn to prey on lionfish

Research from Little Cayman suggests that large grouper and nurse sharks are starting to prey on lionfish – a potentially game changing development in the Atlantic-wide battle against the invasive predator.

Cayman artist to exhibit in NYC show

Gordon Solomon is gearing up to showcase his work at the popular New York art show "The Artexpo 2014".

Boys lit up Vegas

A group of local footballers left a positive impression in Las Vegas.

Bermuda, Jersey removed from tax haven blacklist

The move, first announced in December, was made official on Sunday when the decision was published in the French finance ministry journal, France’s equivalent of the government gazettes.

Diet can get pounds off, but attitude keeps them off

Diet can get pounds off, but attitude can go a long way to keep them off.

30 Years – 30 Highlights

CNCF Law passed 1984Helen Harquail donates land and funds to build the F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre; Construction begins 1983Harquail main theater officially opens with...

From the Publisher: New Editorial Department at the Caymanian Compass

The Caymanian Compass is launching a new department dedicated to editorial writing.

Little Cayman study shows success of lionfish culling

Lionfish hunters are having a dramatic effect in protecting reef fish from the voracious predators, results from two years of field studies in Little Cayman show.

Cabinet refuses to disclose records

Secretary says it would be too onerous to redact and release records, even in the public interest.

France blacklists ‘tax havens’

France has updated its official list of jurisdictions it considers uncooperative tax havens with regard to transparency and information exchange in tax matters.

General manager leaving LIME

Tony Ritch is stepping down as head of LIME Cayman.

Cabinet balks at disclosing minutes from meetings

Cabinet is seeking to keep its records private, in spite of the information commissioner's public stance on the topic.

Misick denies reports of plea deal

Former Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Michael Misick denies reports that he's talking about a plea bargain with US and UK authorities.

Hunters warned not to feed lionfish to predators

Lionfish hunters are being urged to stop feeding speared lionfish to predators, including moray eels, amid concerns they are showing more aggressive behaviour towards divers.

Aboriginal concepts aiding Cayman’s war on gangs

The story of the Maskwaci Cree, a small aboriginal community in Canada, and its fight against gang violence is being used as an example of how Caymanian authorities can deal with similar issues.

Flying boats, flying launches

Writer gives us a brief history of flying boats and launches in the Cayman Islands.

Lifestyle changes for your heart

A new study adds even more evidence in support of regular exercise, eating a Mediterranean-style diet, keeping a normal weight and, most importantly, not smoking.

All is vanity. And ants.

Super-ants are infesting the United States.

The impacts of positive living

With so much going on in our lives today it is easy to forget and overlook who and what we are truly grateful for. It can be challenging to focus on what we are grateful for when we are feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied or disgruntled.

Study: Elderly frailty test can be used for dialysis patients

Johns Hopkins scientists report that a simple 10-minute frailty test that predicts whether the elderly can withstand surgery could be useful in assessing the risk of death and hospitalisation among kidney dialysis patients of any age.

Women continue to ignore mammogram guidelines

Despite new recommendations, women in their 40s in the United States continue to get routine mammograms at the same rate.

Soccer star had heart condition

A 20-year-old Bodden Town soccer player who collapsed and died on the pitch during a training session suffered from complications caused by a massively enlarged heart, a coroner’s jury heard.

Hospitals urged to alcohol and drug test doctors

Patient safety experts are urging hospitals to randomly test physicians for drug and alcohol in a bid to better protect patients.

Avoiding coral reef collapse

Researchers say that although coral reefs are in decline, sustained local and global efforts can prevent their collapse.

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