Do something about speeding

Letter to the Editor

I was sorry to hear the Jerk Stand was taken out by a couple of kids who saw fit to speed during a rain storm, but hopefully some good will come of it. 

We live on Marina Drive, just a few blocks from the jerk stand, and we also have had to put up with the same racetrack mentality practically every night of the week. This same group of adolescent speeders with hopped up sports cars drive up to the Marina, and then come full speed down Marina drive at speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. 

We have reported this situation to the Traffic Division of the police on two occasions. On both we have received assurances that the matter would be looked into, but sorry to say the speeding has continued unabated. 

Marina Drive is a 25mph speed zone, and at one time had four posted signs to this effect. All these signs have somehow disappeared and as of today, no posted speed limit exists. 

I am a personal victim of this situation, as 7 months ago, our pet cat was hit by one of these speeders. The cat lived, and the Vet operated within an hour, and saved his life. The worst part is the cat had to endure 4 months with external scaffold on his left hip, and although he survived, and is now walking the accident cost us Vet fee’s in excess of $13,000. I sure would like to find out who the individual is and have him pay for his damage. 

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Its bad enough to have my cat seriously injured, I am just waiting for some child to wander out onto Marina Drive, when these Hot Rodders end up killing a few people. 

There is no excuse to allow these idiots a license to drive and kill innocent bystanders, just because they have a vehicle capable of exceeding the speed limit by 70 mph. 

I ask that the police re-post Marina drive with 25mph signage, and particularly on weekends get a squad car to monitor the road, and hopefully capture a few of the speeders. 


Jack Benz 

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  1. The new crossing at the Strand, and it looks as if the same type of crossing is being installed on West Bay Road by Royal Palms and by Books and Books in Caymana Bay,baffles me. Recently, as a pedestrian, I wanted to cross the road. I pressed the button and the amber light show began to flash. As I was about to cross the road a car approached. the driver did not realise that the flashing light show meant stop. Yesterday I was driving and as I approached the crossing the light show started so I stopped. The lone pedestrian crossed. The light show continued but I did not know whether I could drive on.and I am a driver with nearly 50 years experience in many, many Countries. I remember last September How to use a Roundabout on the front page of the Compass. We need to be told how to use these crassings.

    Here is a question. Why not a simple, much cheaper crossing where a simple red light means stop? An amber light to warn drivers approaching, legally at 40 mph, that it is about to change to red. Now the flashing amber can start with a driver virtually on the crossing. A pedestrian will think the flashing amber means cross.It’s the recipe for a tragic accident.