Killers in our midst

Many people have disappeared and many have been killed without a positive clue as to what happened to them. We all know that this is true and shortly after the crime has been committed, their case goes into what is called a cold case file.

We must not forget about these people so quickly because it sends a message to the killers that they can do it again and again and get away with it.

I have had conversations with a lot of people who have said to me maybe we might even have serial killers in Cayman. If you follow cold case files on USA TV, we find out that some of these killers are even well to do people who live around us and act as if they would not kill a fly.

But many cases have shown that many of these people are the ones that are killing people. We also look at serial killers coming to Cayman as tourists doing their act then moving on. Homeland Security in America has put in place a system that when you enter that country, you are really checked out from head to foot. Our country is wide open and free.

Look at who is guarding our borders; people that are not Caymanians. In and out of our ports we have people from known terrorist states as guards checking American passports and boarding passes. Oh, how easy it is to place a serial killer in Cayman.

At the same time, how easy it is to put a terrorist on board the cruise ships. I know that many of the people on this Islands are not respected by our government, for if they were, they would be hired to fill these very important positions to protect our Islands better.

It is so very bad to hear another person is missing or found dead in the house or in the bush. Then, after a few days of what is called an all-island search, we have the case placed into the cold case file.

For example, the man that vanished without a trace but sometime later his bones were found in the bushes somewhere near the Linford Pierson Highway. He was quickly forgotten like so many other that have gone missing or found shot or killed somehow here in Cayman.

Killers in our midst are working alongside you, enjoying their lives as innocent as can be. It is time to pay more attention to the cold case files.

We cannot turn a blind eye anymore to the things that are going on here on our Island home and think time will wipe it away.

We must do more to find these killers that are here walking free just to strike again and again and get away with it because we lack the power and proper people in the right position to track down these ghost killers here in Cayman.

Who will be next? Maybe you or even me. Think about it Cayman and try harder to be your brothers’ keeper.’

Emile S. Levy


  1. Emile…

    You are a really brave and courageous soul…pity there aren’t more people like you in Cayman and the the world.

    I can only imagine the unspoken FEAR in Cayman’s population now.

    Within the last 3 years, at least 4 people have disappeared without a trace and there is strong reasons to suspect that at least 2 of them have been murdered…while the evidence on the others is inconclusive.

    What is scary about this is that there has been no public outcry…just mute acceptance.

    To me, that mute acceptance is evidence of the fear that, should anyone speak out too loudly about this issue…

    They could be the next one to disappear.

    I cannot imagine what living under such conditions of fear in Cayman must be like now.

  2. When did we allow grade school children to come up with wild theories like this. I can only guess grade school, due to the composition and thought process that went into writing this.

    I can also say that the lockness monster came through immigration as well.

    Because I have an idea what I am talking about. It was on TV. Now I am obviously a lockness monster expert. It’s believable, to everyone I associate with. Because we have all talked about it.

    The question is. If your writing style and frame of mind is what is written above. Who are you talking to? Must be quite the intellectual group!

    The writer should not base all her facts on TV shows. Next your going to say, that the expats have been stealing all the sponges pants. Since the sponges you see have no pants. You have seen on tv, that sponges definitely wear pants. And since it’s on tv. That makes you an expert. And you are definitely right, because your Caymanian.

    Seriously, I want my 2 min back that it took me to read this story. 120 seconds of my life, wasted.

  3. Killers in our midst are working alongside you
    Two words…..Fear Porn…

    Gee…four whole dissapearance’s, Firery?
    Two being suspected murders in how long? 3 years?!
    If that is in fact an actual accurate stat I’d say the Islands batting average is pretty good (considering the amount of transients to the Island)
    Dear Emile..what you are advocating is a way slippery slope to a police state.

    Our country is wide open and free.
    Yes it is and thats why people love coming here. I for one will boycott the Islands if an American TSA/HS style of security is put in place. In fact I’ve boycotted the US for that very reason. The fear that is espoused by your op ed is alarming.
    Your freedoms will be greatly infringed upon and the Camanian peoples and vistors to the Island will be subject to gross indignities if such security measures were to be put in place.
    Also, can you imagine what a logistical nightmare it would be for people dis/embarking from the cruise ships that are only on the island for a few hours?

    Lets borrow a quote from Ben Franklin…
    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  4. Some of this writer’s theories are far-fetched, I agree but not the problem that he is attempting to address.

    And for the responder, FLSTSCI…do you actually live in the Caymanian community ?

    Do you know any of these 4 people that I’ve referred to ?,

    Probably not…so, to you, those stats that I’ve quoted sound quite acceptable when compared to a larger country like the USA…or one of its larger or even medium sized cities…

    Until the problem hits closer to home, that is.

    Let 4 people disappear in a small mid-western town of 50,000 people in the USA or a local town or village in the UK and no answers are forthcoming and see the stink that the locals will raise about it…and why ?

    Because they CARE about people they know and are acquainted with.

    What Emile is really referring to here is the complete lack of care or concern about a problem that would be as scary for ANY country in the world, within a small community…and the Cayman community is a small one, by any standards.

    My advice to the people in Cayman’s community is to take whatever steps necessary to make sure that THEY are not the ones to disappear, under whatever conditions.

    Because, from the gist of these comments to Emile’s concerns, no one will care about their disappearance either.

  5. @Firery:
    No, I do not live in the community and nor do I know any of the persons in questions. Although I could draw parallels of my community, whose population is considerably smaller. Small communities world wide are essentially the same with roughly the same concerns. The facts notwithstanding people world wide for whatever reason for millenia have and do disapper. Knee-jerk reactions should be avoided.

    I concede…Perhaps I could have been a little more sensitive of my delivery in regard to my response to you and Emiles concerns. For this I apologize.

    However, I stand by my previous assertations.

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