Online poll: Current parties get little support

More respondents to last week’s online poll said they were inclined to vote for independent candidates if elections were held tomorrow than the two existing political parties put together. 

Of the 695 total respondents, 121 of them – 17.4 per cent – said they couldn’t vote. Of the remaining 574 respondents, 271 of them – 47.2 per cent of those who could potentially vote – said they would be inclined to vote for independent candidates.  

“The party system has run its course,” said one person. “In its current formation it is clearly not for Cayman. Party politics is for mature countries and individuals. Unfortunately we do not have the latter and are struggling to prove the former – more so now that our politicians have acted with such childishness! Let’s go back to the drawing board and figure out how to run this country without the obvious distractions of trying to keep your party in office.” 

“I have had enough of petty party politics,” said someone else. “Political parties have been good for the political parties, but terrible for the Cayman Islands.” 

“I don’t vote along party lines; I vote for the best person for the job,” said another respondent. “None of the UDP qualify, however.” 

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“The party system is not doing the Caymanian people, residents or visitors any good,” commented one person. “They are partying and fooling around far too much with our present lives and, worst of all, our future and that of our children plus other generations to come.” 

Another 108 people – 18.8 per cent of the total excluding those who said they couldn’t vote – said they would be inclined to vote for People’s Progressive Movement candidates, while 84 people – 14.6 per cent of the same total – said they would be inclined to vote for United Democratic Party candidates. No one who said they would be inclined to vote for either of the two existing parties left a comment. 

Eighty people – 13.9 per cent of the total excluding those who said they couldn’t vote – said they would vote for a new third party’s candidates. 

“The current leaders act too childish,” said one person. “It’s tarnishing Cayman’s image.” 

“Cronyism is killing the Cayman Islands,” said someone else. “We need fresh blood and highly educated Caymanians that want to see Cayman Inc. prosper.” 

“Vote for sanity instead of greed,” said another respondent. 

Thirty-one people – 4.5 per cent of the total excluding those who said they couldn’t vote – said they could vote, but would not if the elections were held tomorrow.  

“There is no one worthy of my vote,” said one person. “Until I see someone who is, I’ll just have to pass. I am not into supporting the lesser of two evils.” 

Several of the 121 people who said they couldn’t vote left comments as well. 

“I can’t vote yet, but eventually I will be able to,” said one person. “I’d have to say if I could vote, I’d almost certainly vote for independent candidates.” 

“If I could, it would be for a new third party,” said someone else.  

“Whichever candidate is more fiscally conservative,” said another person. 

“There should be no political parties,” commented someone else. 


Next week’s poll question 

What do you think of the performance of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service during the past year? 


Much better 

About the same as before 

Somewhat worse 


I don’t know

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