Shareholders move Baraud forward

Since taking over management of Baraud International several months ago, Alan Brady and Stefan Cohen have doubled the number of staff at the immigration, personnel and recruitment services company, with the aim of innovating and introducing new services. 

Mindful of the legacy of company founder Betty Baraud, who still has a stake in the company but has stepped away from day-to-day operations, Mr. Brady and Mr. Cohen announced that the company is being re-branded as simply “Baraud”. 

“Although we’re implementing a lot of changes, we decided to retain the name ‘Baraud’ to acknowledge Betty’s work and legacy of the past 20 years. Baraud is really a household name,” said Mr. Cohen, who is senior recruitment and client development manager. 

Mr. Brady, who is operations manager, said the company had about five staff as of six months ago. He said they now have 10 staff and intend on hiring two more people by the end of the year. 

The new personnel have been focussed on strengthening the recruiting side of the business. The company has branched into recruitment process outsourcing (where Baraud handles a company’s entire hiring process), outplacement (where Baraud helps downsizing companies transition employees into new careers) and executive search and placement (where Baraud identifies and recruits top-level hires). 

Mr. Brady said as an industry, Cayman’s recruitment sector is middle-of-the-road compared to other offshore jurisdictions, being behind Hong Kong but ahead of the British Virgin Islands, for example. 

“In terms of recruitment, the onshore model is more advanced than the Cayman model. There’s a lot of room for growth,” Mr. Cohen said. 

The company is currently concentrating on its local business model, but Mr. Brady and Mr. Cohen are also eyeing future international expansion. “We have a couple of target entries. They’re not as traditionally focussed as you would expect. At this stage we’d prefer not to say which targets there are. We’re quite aware that our other competitors are looking overseas as well,” Mr. Brady said. 

Mr. Brady and Mr. Cohen both came to Cayman and started working at Baraud in 2008. Mr. Brady’s been in the recruitment business for a little more than 10 years, starting off in London and Ireland. 

Originally from South Africa, Mr. Cohen spent most of his professional career in Sydney, Australia, working in banking before joining the recruitment business.  

While Mrs. Baraud is no longer actively managing the company, she still is available for executive-level consultation on the immigration side of the business. 


Baraud employees. – Photo: Submitted

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